English to spanish translation.

English to spanish translation.


how would you say the following in spanish?

  1. Last year he bought her a book. She thought it was good.
  2. They did not buy anything at the first store. They walked to another one.
  3. They saw purses, sunglasses, and keychains. They did not buy them because it wasn’t very personal.
  4. Manolo bought a necklace. It cost two hundred pesos.
  5. The present got lost. Someone else has it now.
  6. I haven’t went shopping in along time. The last thing I bought was glasses.
updated MAY 24, 2010
posted by monsterrider24

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Hello MonsterRider--

This is not a site to simply give translations for homework. If that is what you are looking for, please go here: Translations on SpanishDict.. Doing it this way, however, will give you incorrect translations a lot of the time and it will also cause you to learn nothing. Please post your attempt to the sentences you have listed. Don't be afraid to try-- there are plenty of people here that can correct you and explain why you are wrong.

updated MAY 24, 2010
posted by MeEncantanCarasSonrisas
i will give this a ry - monsterrider24, MAY 17, 2010
cool-- it never hurts to try. - MeEncantanCarasSonrisas, MAY 17, 2010

This wouldn't, per chance, be homework, would it? Because we don't do homework for people around here. They wouldn't learn any Spanish if we did things like that. smile

updated MAY 25, 2010
posted by Goyo
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