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How do you say "to realize"?


I was wondering how to say "to realize" in Spanish.

Ex- He then realized that today was Saturday

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You can use "darse cuenta de"

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Exactly - 005faa61, MAY 11, 2010

Realize is translated as Darse cuenta de

To realize = Darse cuenta de

Por ejemplo:

He realised that today was saturday = se dio cuenta de que hoy era sábado.

She realizes that she has made a big mistake in marrying him = se da cuenta de que ha cometido un gran error al casarse con él.

The young girl realised that today was her Birthday =La Joven se dio cuenta de que hoy era su cumpleaños

He didn't realize that you had already bought the eggs.
= No se dio cuenta de que ya has comprado los huevos.

I realized that I would have to feed the dog when he kept looking at me imploringly

= Me di cuenta de que tendría que comer al perro cuando él me miraba suplicante.

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I changed your sentence a little -- "He realized today is Saturday."

  • En Español: Se dio cuenta hoy es sábado."
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