"realize" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

verbo transitivo
1. darse cuenta de (become aware of)
  • I realize he's busy, but… -> ya sé que está ocupado, pero…
2. realizar (ambition, dream)
  • our fears were realized -> nuestros temores se vieron confirmados

realize [ria-lais]
1. Percibir como realidad; comprender la verdadera naturaleza de algo, sentir, apreciar completa y vivamente; considerar, admitir como real.
2. Realizar (achieve), hacer real; poner en existencia verdadera.
3. Hacer parecer como verdadero; presentar al ánimo como existente.
4. Ganar, obtener como ganancia o provecho (obtain).
5. Realizar, vendor géneros, convertir su propiedad en dinero. (Comercio) (m)
  • His hopes could never be realized -> sus esperanzas no pudieron realizarse jamás
  • To realize much profit from -> obtener grandes ganacias de algo

realize [ˈrɪəlaɪz]
1 (comprehend, become aware of) darse cuenta de
he realized his mistake and went back se dio cuenta de su error y volvió
manufacturers have yet to realise the potential of this product I can't take the responsibility, surely you realize that? as soon as we realised something was wrong, we moved the children away once they realised their mistake the phone was reconnected again to realize [why]/[how]/[what] ...
once I realized how it was done una vez que caí en la cuenta de cómo se hacía; then I realized what had happened entonces me di cuenta de lo que había pasado; entonces comprendí lo que había pasado
people don't realize how serious this recession has actually been only now is he beginning to realise how ill he was
to realize that darse cuenta de que; comprender que; I began to realize that it would be impossible empecé a darme cuenta de que sería imposible; empecé a comprender que sería imposible
2 (know) darse cuenta de
without realizing it sin darse cuenta; I realize it's difficult, but ... (ya) sé que es difícil, pero ...; comprendo or entiendo que es difícil, pero ...; yes, I realize that! ¡sí, ya me doy cuenta!; ¡sí, ya me hago cargo!
"that's my brother" - "oh, I hadn't realized" I realize it's too late, but ... she had not realized that he was serious does he realize the problems? the committee realizes the gravity of the situation
do you realize what you've done? ¿te das cuenta de lo que has hecho?
3 (carry out) [+plan] llevar a cabo
the quality of the book is brilliantly realised on stage various textile techniques will be explored to realise design possibilities little houses which prevent a developer from realising his grand design for a site
my worst fears were realized mis mayores temores se hicieron realidad; to realize one's hopes/ambitions hacer realidad sus esperanzas/ambiciones
not all students will realise their ambition to work for top firms those are our hopes - we are starting this clinical trial to investigate whether those hopes will be realised a new South Africa in which the democratic hopes of people of all races could be realised
to realize one's potential desarrollar al máximo su potencial
the support systems to enable women to realize their potential at work are seriously inadequate I think probably that the laser has not realised the potential that was expected of it in that domain a loose framework in which men and women can realise their possibilities
4 (Comm) (convert into cash) [+assets] realizar; (produce) [+profit] producir; [+savings] hacer
the sale of the house realized £250,000 la venta de la casa generó 250.000 libras
this table realized £800 in the present financial climate, some universities might be tempted to realise their assets liquidation would have realized more than *3"60 a share for stockholders a selection of correspondence from P G Wodehouse realised £1,232 savings of up to 50% can be realized General Foods expects to realize productivity savings of more than $400 million

Verb Conjugations for "realize" (go to darse cuenta de)


I realize I realized I will realize
you realize you realized you will realize
he/she realizes he/she realized he/she will realize
we realize we realized we will realize
you realize you realized you will realize
they realize they realized they will realize
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