Favorite Spanish Word

Favorite Spanish Word


Ok so here is what you do. It is really simple just think of your favorite spanish word and write it below. You can writw it alone or in a sentence, just make sure you write the meaning in english as well. My favorite Spanish word is, bicicleta which means Bicycle. Have Fun!!! cheese cheese

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You mean "write" right? Sorry couldn't resist ;-) - lagartijaverde, MAY 11, 2010
Yeah, that's what I meant. lol Thanks - fiddleplayer93, MAY 11, 2010
nice game!:)) - Brynleigh, AGO 15, 2010
imajinate (no acento on netbk keyboard) = you imagine - carol-daniels, MAY 2, 2011
well, dang, fiddleplayer! You took one of my favorite spanish words already! - Gillygaloo, MAY 18, 2011
carol-daniel, did you try holding down the Ctrl key and typing 161 on the numeric key pad? (If you are on a PC) - farallon7, JUN 6, 2012

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Here we go again,


Ear, nose and throat specialist.

And it´s only because it took me a year to learn how to say it.

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posted by Eddy
jeje, in my native language we have a word from 31 letter ;)) - swing, MAY 11, 2010
Hi swing, "with 31 letters". - Eddy, MAY 11, 2010
thanks, letters - swing, MAY 11, 2010
Can you say it 3 times fast? :) - Yeser007, MAY 11, 2010
in my language for sure ;) - swing, MAY 12, 2010
whaaaaaaaaaaat 31 letters what is yout language swing ????!!!!!! do you even remember who to write that word ?! - 00b6f46c, AGO 16, 2010
Can't imagine I'll learn the word but I sure love the dancing letters! Simple pleasures... - LateToDinner, AGO 16, 2010
Uff that is a mouthful Eddy! - pacofinkler, MAY 2, 2011
It's even longer in English! Otorhinolaryngologist. - Sabor, MAY 2, 2011
just got off Skype with Colombian friend (a nurse) It's a real pretty word when she says it! - nike907, MAY 2, 2011
I don't know if I'll EVER be able to pronounce that one. Let's hope I don't need to go to a throat specialist in Spain! :) - Jadey7, ENE 7, 2012

hablaba = spoke

It reminds me of the sound Charlie Brown´s teacher makes when she ¨spoke.¨

¨Ha bla ba bla ba bla ba....¨ alt text

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Oh, how funny! It does sound like that! jeje - Lrtward, MAY 11, 2010
Good for you, you're right!!! - margaretbl, MAY 11, 2010

ronronear - to purr is still my favourite.

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lovely sound when you say it. - lagartijaverde, MAY 11, 2010
It is the perfect word to use to contrast the different r sounds. - BellaMargarita, MAY 11, 2010
I love this word too! - Sheily, AGO 16, 2010
I am surprised that I did not say this last year, but this became my favorite Spanish word after seeing it in this post. Thanks! - danrivera, MAY 18, 2011

sinvergüenza - shameless one. There is no single word in English that so clearly, and concisely conveys this meaning.

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posted by lkelly
we use that for scoundrel - pacofinkler, MAY 2, 2011
Colombian friend knew exactly what this meant. I like this word too! - nike907, MAY 5, 2011

cariño! darling! I love that ñ sound grin

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posted by swing

Gratis- free. Coz I'm Indian and i love free things !!

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hahaha I love the reason!! :) - culé, MAY 11, 2010
nice reason (by the way: Because not Coz (for all our English learners) - princessjane, MAY 11, 2010
slang for because and for cousin is Cuz ... - carol-daniels, MAY 2, 2011
That's my favourite word too because I am a pensioner and haven't got much money. - kenwilliams, JUN 6, 2012

Guagua ("Bus" in Puerto Rico) I laugh every time I hear it used.

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posted by jzl1
I love that one. To me it sounds like a baby crying, not like an autobús! - Lrtward, MAY 11, 2010
The bus company on Tenerife is called Titsa, very bad to laugh at that but can't help myself! - MaureenPeters, AGO 16, 2010
Actually, "wawa" is baby in Puerto Rico. - JoyceM, MAY 2, 2011
They say that "guagua" is the sound of the bus stuck in the mud. - JoyceM, MAY 2, 2011
same in cuba - carol-daniels, MAY 2, 2011

my favorite word is biblioteca - It means bookstore, I think it sounds cool so thats why I chose it.

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If you double click biblioteca you will see that it actually means 'library' and the word for 'bookstore' is wait for it: librería - margaretbl, MAY 11, 2010
Estoy una bibliotecaria (librarian) - ameliaspanish, AGO 17, 2010


Architecturally. "Architecturally speaking..."

Arquitectónicamente hablando....

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¿Qué significa en inglés? - Lrtward, MAY 11, 2010
"Architecturally speaking..." - lagartijaverde, ENE 5, 2011

Abrazo! smile (Edit: Hug)

It was one of the first words I learned and I instantly loved to use it !

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posted by chicasabrosa
what does it mean in English?? - fiddleplayer93, MAY 11, 2010
a hug, you can end a letter to a friend with "un abrazo" or abrazos - lagartijaverde, MAY 11, 2010
Or, un abrazo fuerte - JoyceM, ENE 4, 2011

I can't decide between:

cerveza - beer, because it's one of my favorite words in all languages

alt text


ferrocarril - railroad, because it's so funny to hear beginners try to say it

alt text

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Kevin, do you know what 'beer' is in Polish? I'm ready to help you expand your vocabulary :-) - esp211, AGO 15, 2010
Enlighten me. I collect ways of saying, "Beer, please", and "Where is the restroom?" - the two most important phrases in every language. - KevinB, AGO 15, 2010
It's 'piwo'. 'W" is pronounced as 'v' and the first syllable contains the short 'i' sound like in "kiwi", not the diphthong 'ai' "Beer, please" would be "Poproszę piwo" - the first can be roughly transcribed as 'poproshe' :-) - esp211, AGO 15, 2010
Thanks! Another country I can wet my whistle in. - KevinB, AGO 15, 2010

My favorite Spanish word is the Cuban word for "Bee Hummingbird" = Zunzuncito (This is a bird that is endemic to Cuba)

The first part of the word sounds a lot like the sound and impression this bird makes as it buzzes/flies/zooms around = zunzun

And, of course, since it's the smallest bird in the entire world, the diminutive ending of the word, "cito", is perfect as well.

While doing a bird survey in Cuba last month, each of us chanted the following mantra: "Necesito un Zunzuncito" until we finally saw the bird.

alt text

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alucinante--it means awesome. In English my fav word is awesome as well.

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posted by KoolKanine
It is spelled "halucinante" with a silent "h". - asdfghjkl4, MAY 11, 2010

It has to be el pingüino. It was the first word I learned (I was four) and I've never found one I liked better. And, really, once you know how to say 'penguin' in a language, what more is there to learn?

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hahahaha Yes, of course... Penguin.. wow.. How was I able to skip it ! :O :D - culé, MAY 11, 2010
true! lol - arielbrionda, MAY 10, 2011

I have two that I particularly like. Hambre for hungry, just because you could make "hambre hombre" for hungry man. Somewhere in the spanish speaking world there must be a cafe with that name. I chose fontanero for a screen name because sounds more interesting than plumber.

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I think " El hombre hambre" would be a better way of saying it :)) - culé, MAY 11, 2010
Neither of those is correct, because "hambre" translates to "hunger", not "hungry". You would have to se "El hombre con hambre" or better yet "El hombre que tiene hambre". - asdfghjkl4, MAY 11, 2010
its probably tener hambre, to have hunger, but i still think hambre hombre sounds good. - fontanero, MAY 11, 2010
One of my favorite steak house chains was The hungry hunter. Good think it wasn't a Mexican restaurant, it just wouldn't have translated the same! - LateToDinner, AGO 16, 2010
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