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"it's cutting it short" Translation


That expression is used when not enough time is allotted to do several things in a row.

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There must be a Spanish idiom. The sense of it in Spanish is something like, ...estamos quedando sin tiempo... "We're running out of time"

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Look here (SD Dictionary for the English word "close")

  1. Estrecho, angosto; ajustado. •That was a close shave/call -> se salvó por un pelo o por los pelos

So, for the context you are referring to, it may be "¡Se salvaró por un pelo!" to say that "It will be a close call!"

That probably is not exactly what you are looking for, so I will continue to study "time" to see what I can come up with.

Perhaps, "Time will be short" = "El tiempo será corta"

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