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irse a casa vs. ir a casa


Under "go" the dictionary says

to go home -> irse a casa

Translating (which is bad), I get "to leave to home" which I guess is equivalent to "to go home".

Is "ir a casa" never used? Please explain.

updated ABR 27, 2010
posted by MeEncantanCarasSonrisas
You think ir means go and irse means leave but they mean go. Irse also means leave. Irse a = to go, like you aren't coming back, like you're going home. Irse de = leave from. It means more than just "to leave". - jeezzle, ABR 27, 2010

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Irse means to go away like to a foriegn country and Ir means to go. I'm not sure about the rest, though, ¡lo siento! grin

¡También, a mí me gusta su nombre de usario! grin

updated ABR 27, 2010
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posted by june10
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