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"Ya lo entenderás"


I'm confused by this expression. It should be "You already will understand it". It's from a show, but I see a million hits on google for this. I can understand "you will understand it" but why "ya" there? Can it mean "soon enough" like "You will understand it soon enough?" gracias.

updated MAR 14, 2010
posted by jeezzle
ya=now (as well as already) - 0074b507, MAR 14, 2010

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I found some examples of the future use of "ya" in SpanishDict and in Wordreference:

* ya te llamaré  -- I'll give you a ring some time
* ¡ya te agarraré yo a ti! -- I'll get you sooner or later!
* ya hablaremos -- we'll talk later
* ya verás -- you'll (soon) see 
* ya lo entenderás -- you'll understand one day
updated MAR 14, 2010
posted by Issabela
Awesome. I'm going to use it for "soon enough" because I think that feels well with this future tense. - jeezzle, MAR 14, 2010

It's like "you will understand it someday"

updated MAR 14, 2010
posted by ismarodri_uy
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