Translate "get" sentences into Spanish.

Translate "get" sentences into Spanish.


Many times I want to say something in Spanish when I would use a form of "get" in English. There are 100s of these expressions used every day.

Most of the time I can't do it which is most annoying.

The idea here is that someone posts a sentence using "get" - "got" - "will get" - "getting"

If the poster knows what the Spanish would be then they should show it.

If not then hopefully a good Spanish speaker will suggest something.

For example how would a native Spanish speaker say

"Come on, get a move on!"

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You're getting on my nerves!!!

"Me estás sacando de quicio"

"Me estás sacando de mis casillas"

"Me estas desquiciando"

"Me estás poniendo nerviosa/o" angry

LOL wink

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Here's a start:

Get out of my sight! ¡Alejáte de mi vista!

Will you get me a glass of water? ¿Me traes un vaso de agua?

When are you going to get a job? ¿Cuándo vas a encontrar trabajo?

I don't get it. No lo entiendo.

I'm going to get home late today. Voy a llegar a casa tarde hoy.

She's always getting drunk. Ellas siempre está emborrachandose.

I think I'm getting better. Creo que me estoy mejorando.

They're going to get angry. Se van a enojar.

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Thanks Alba - I think that is a good start. I will make a summary and post it later. :) - ian-hill, MAR 7, 2010

The dictionary on this site is really good for this type of question.

El diccionario en este sitio es muy bueno para este tipo de pregunta.


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I don't think it is. - ian-hill, MAR 7, 2010
It just does not show enough expressions with Spanish equivalents. - ian-hill, MAR 7, 2010
Wow, how many do you want? ;-) In answer to your specific question, the entry for "move" has the answer: get a move on! (familiar) -> ¡date prisa!, ¡apúrate! (Am) - Richard-Thomas, MAR 7, 2010

I think the verb "to get" in English is kind of an informal term. There is not really a situation where get is used in English and it could not be better said with a different verb. I hope that part made sense. "what did you get for christmas?" Get = receive. "What don't you get about it?" Get= understand. In English we use get as a quick way of expressing something, but it does not have a legitimate straightforward meaning in English, or a dedicated definition; and for that reason there is no easy way to translate it in more than one instance in Spanish.

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posted by luhzon89
I know Luh - that is why it is a problem. But individual expressions using "get" must have a Spanish was of saying the same thing. - ian-hill, MAR 7, 2010
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