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easier way to conjugate


is there any easy way to conjugate the words into past tense or any other tenses??

updated MAR 23, 2010
posted by yagi

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It seems to me the only way to do it is to study and memorize. A tip that helps me...

Just as if you were "counting sheep" at night, I chose a verb and try to conjugate it in my head in different tenses. Then do another verb, and another verb, and another zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...............

updated FEB 20, 2010
posted by yogamamaof2

there is really no easier way to conjugate except just memorizing the different endings for each verb. you could try making a little chart or diagram of the endings- it helped me.

updated FEB 20, 2010
posted by spacestar10

You can use the conjugator on this site.

A good way to study for your exams is to list all the endings of every tense you need to know in a table.

updated FEB 20, 2010
edited by hanran
posted by hanran
yes but what am i going to do in the exams :) - yagi, FEB 20, 2010
study the tenses in your exams, and memorize them. - hanran, FEB 20, 2010
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