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Thanks!!! SpanishDict


Thank you for this website letting me become a member and hello everyone!! cheese

updated ENE 17, 2010
edited by hlsbookworm
posted by kathleenlina

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Welcome to the forum kathleenlina!! You will find many great people on this site. Take advantage of all the resources here and you will learn a lot!!! smile

updated ENE 17, 2010
posted by Jason7R
Hola Kathleen, and Welcome!

We're glad to have you!

One thing that you might want to know since your new here is that proper capitalization, and spelling are mandatory here. We have people on this forum who are trying to learn English, so, we are their example. I have fixed your post since you are new, but in the future try to watch for mistakes like that, ok? Thanks!

Also, in case you haven't looked around completely and don't know everything that this site has to offer here is a post where someone has kindly put links to all these things so that you can use this site to it's fullest!

Have fun learning Spanish!

updated ENE 17, 2010
posted by hlsbookworm
Perfect! :-) - chaparrito, ENE 17, 2010
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