How do you say, "She chases cats up trees."?

How do you say, "She chases cats up trees."?


I have been writing a spanish childrens book for spanish 3. It is our semester final, and i am going over every single last detail. Thx grin

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Thanks for the insight, you guy are a great help. :) - Bobertcool, ENE 4, 2010

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The translator offers:

  1. Se persigue a los gatos a los árboles.
  2. Ella persigue gatos arriba árboles.
  3. Ella persigue gatos encima de árboles.

I kinda like # 2, and wonder if it might be better said: Ella persigue gatos hacia arriba árboles.

I also wonder if a Spanish native would be more apt to say something like the translator offered, or something like below:

Ella corre tras a gatos hasta que vayan hacia arriba en los arboles.


A ella le gusta correr tras a gatos hasta que vayan hacia arriba en los arboles.

I am worried that sentence 1 indicates merely that she chases cats to the trees. I am worried that sentences 2 and 3 make it sound like she and the cats are up in the trees already before the chase begins and as though the entire chase takes place up in the trees. Thus, my clumsy attempt at something a bit more detailed.

I also wondered about correr tras vs. perseguir...are they interchangeable?...if so, which way would tend to be used in a children's story. Is there a way, not mentioned so far, that would lend itself to a children's story...I know in English we tend to use much simpler grammar in children's stories.

But, please, understand I am probably less knowledgeable of Spanish than almost any Spanish 3 student. I hope a native gives a proper answer.

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Ella persigue los gatos hasta arriba de los árboles.

In a childrens story, I would say: Ella corre trás de los gatos haciendoles subir los árboles.

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I am with "Webdunce": 1, 2. & 3 do not sound correct. Also I see correr tras as a person running after another person or even a car chase.

So... here is my beginners attempt:

  • "Ella perseguía los gatos hacia arriba los árboles."
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