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The Reference Page for these two different verbs (Ir & Irse) has been rewritten based on suggestions from Heidita, Qfreed and others. I invite anyone interested to review it and remind themselves through this process of the differences between the verbs and differences in their use.


If you wish to comment on the rewritten work, just post your comments as replies to this entry and not as replies or comments to the Reference Page. If you are shy, just send me a PM.



[Reference article][2]

[2]: Ir vs Irse

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posted by Moe
Moe, could you put a link here to that Reference Page?
Added link
Oops! Thanks, Q.

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Thanks, Moe...this is awesome!

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posted by --Mariana--

You can always count on Moe for the info--yes I was making an attempt to rhyme smile

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Jason - Don't give up your day job. You will not get fat on your poetry.
'¡En verso, sin esfuerzo!' ;-)
Moe, better than joe, he makes not a low blow to give us the info.

Hi everybody, the reference article written by Moe was published on the reference page, on the "others" part.

I have made some small changes.

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Ken, I deleted the comments as I was correcting and editing the article.