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what are the four definite articles in spanish?


four definite articles

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The four definite articles in Spanish would be:

el - masculine, singular

la - feminine, singular

los - masculine, plural

las - feminine, plural

Each definite article must agree in gender and number with the noun that it describes. If you are interested in reviewing the use of definite articles, you might benefit from this reference article: definite articles. It is short, to the point and even has some practice exercises at the end which allow you to evaluate your understanding of the subject.

In the future, please have a look at the reference section of this site before posting a question in the forum (as indicated by the forum guidelines). Many questions like these can be answered quickly by a looking at the appropriate reference article. Thanks and again, welcome to the forum. I hope to see you around again.

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i have h.w for spanish and one of the questions was what are the indefinate atricles and what are the meaning what should i write down?

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http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/100013/articles-indefinite - 0074b507, SEP 8, 2011
Ā”Bienvenida al foro! Welcome to the forum! - 0074b507, SEP 8, 2011

un, unos una, unas

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These are Articulos indeterminados - ian-hill, SEP 8, 2011
Unas and unos = some - ian-hill, SEP 8, 2011
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