television is masculino or femino?

television is masculino or femino?


i found both la television and el televisor.. which one is true? is it la television or el televisor?

and another one is televisor or television?

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Both are correct. If I recall correctly, the feminine la televisión refers more to the broadcasting industry, in general, and the masculine el televisor is for a TV set (aparatus-el televisor), however, if you look in our dictionary under the feminine la televsión you will see el televisor given as a definition so la televisión can be used for both the industry and the device. El televisor is strictly the device TV set).


(De tele- y visión).

1.f. Transmisión de imágenes a distancia mediante ondas hercianas.

2.f. televisor. (notice that it says feminine la televisión=el televisor)

3.f. Emisora de televisión.

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[1]: El televisor y La televisión

Notice that you ver la televisión unless you are looking at the set and not the program.

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I would definitely look this up using the dictionary on this site. As for your question, it's a feminine noun.

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I agree, using the dictionary you will find the difference between the two words. - 00f2b5a1, DIC 9, 2009
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