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correct verbs for hablar


To change a very ending in -er to a form that tells who is ding the action I remove (what) from the infinitive and add the appropriate (what?)

updated NOV 2, 2009
posted by spodratsky

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You need to read these 2 Reference Pages to get a fuller insight into the answer to your question:

The Basic Forms of Verbs it addresses verbs ending in "Ar", "Er"and "Ir". Just read to the end of item 1.
For now don't worry about 2. "As a Noun", or, 3. "After a Conjugated Verb", that will come later.

Then read the next one starting at the heading "Present Tense".

The Present Tense but remember, start at the heading "Present Tense".
For now, don't worry about "Spell Changing" verbs, "Stem Changing" verbs or "Irregular " verbs they will also come later.

This should give you a basic introductory start to understanding what you have asked but not just about "Ar" but also about "Er" and "Ir" ending verbs. If you still do not have an understanding you should ask a teacher or advisor to work with you in explaining this topic. Not everyone learns from reading only. Sometimes it is necessary to sit with another person who can talk you through stuff on a one to one person to person basis.


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updated NOV 1, 2009
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posted by Moe

Do you mean to conjugate it? There is a lesson on that on "Learn", which is really good and makes it so much easier. smile

updated NOV 1, 2009
posted by April-Sarah

This is weird. Your title mentions an "ar" verb but your question involves an "er" verb.

Confused or what.

updated NOV 1, 2009
posted by Eddy

Here is a link to our wonderful conjugation tool. It might help answer your question.

updated NOV 1, 2009
posted by --Mariana--

HI spod, find that out by yourself please, after you post the answer, we will help you wink

updated NOV 1, 2009
posted by 00494d19
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