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1: como estas? 2: bien he estado un poco triste pero se me pasa rápido y tu ? como te fue con tu trabajo? 1: bien gracias, cancelaron la reunion ahora es mañana. 2: ah bueno pero ya adelantaste algo? 1: ah siiiiiii, hoy solo me falta hacer la planta del sotano 2: q bueno! y como vas con el ogrito? 1: heheh bien ahorita de luna de miel 2: q bueno y como va con la venta de sus chuchitos horriblitos? 1: todavia no los puede vender xq en suecia hay una ley q prohibe vender perros antes de q cumplan 2 meses. 2: ahh q chilero! pero ya tiene quien los quiera? 1: no sé fijate, dice q eso no le preoucpa ahorita, hasta q regrese, xq va a prestar en un banco o algo asi

2: ahh pero enronces si se viene 1: dice q si 2: q bueno!

1: y vos como vas con el lucio? con el ANO 2: bien es un dulcito y es bien divertido! el Domingo le meti un vergazo sin querer, crei q se iba a enojar pero le dio risa y ayer boté mis kotex enfrente de él y solo se rio y me dijo hace de cuenta q no vi nada 1: jajajajajaja sos bien mudita 2: ay si vos 1: y como le pegaste?? la noche q se fue la luz, el sambito se chocó con la parrila de asar carne y se dejó un gran vergazo en las costillita, tiene abierto

2: fijate q me le tiré encima para abrazarlo y le soné la cabeza y justo me acababa de contar q tenía una fractura en el cráneo y solo me dijo q como q no lo habia oido 1: jajjajaaj y contra q le lastimaste el coco? 2: la pared! vops mi tambito! pobrecito! 1: jajajaja le metiste su ranazo si vos el tambo solo pijaseadito se mantiene, aqui lo tengo en mis pies ahorita.... como siempre 2: mi gordito! tan dulcito q es

2: preguntale a antonio si el bajo mi sombrilla del carro es q no la encuentro 1: pero saber donde anda ahorita la de sedal esta en mi cuarto en guate. 2: no yo la agarré y la volvi a meter al carro creo. no se si lo pensé mejor voy a verigual preguntale 1: va ta bueno, pero cuando lo mire

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You have asked us to do too much and it appears you have done nothing for yourself. You have asked us to do your work for you and have not even made it a request. No "please" no "Por favor" no courtesy at all except that your request was not accompanied by anything stated to be rude.

We are a learning web site and a community of members who are all learning Spanish or English. We are not a translation service. We are happy to help other members who want to learn Spanish.

It is our strong preference that when you ask for our help, you show us what you think the answer is and we will then show you whether or not your suggested answer is correct.

Try now to decipher and translate the Spanish paragraphs in your question. Tell us what you think the translation is. The work is a big one. Hopefully someone will look at your ideas and let you know if you are correct or not.

For future entries in this forum, it would be better to break the work down into smaller bites, say, one paragraph per question. That way, no single request looks as daunting as one huge mother of a request.

While I have your attention, if I still do, please read or Rules and Guidelines for this forum. Here are the Rules and Guidelines.

Span¡shD!ct welcomes new members. We also hope that all of our members will work within our behaviour and cooperation practices and patterns.

Regards and best wishes,


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posted by Moe
Perfect answer, Moe. - --Mariana--, OCT 13, 2009

1: how are you? 2: While I was a bit sad but I'm going fast and you? as you did with your work? 1: well thank you, cancel the meeting tomorrow now. 2: ah well but anticipated it something? 1: siiiiiii ah, now I only need to do the basement 2: q bueno! and as you go with the ogrito? 1: well right now heheh Honeymoon 2: q good as going to the sale of its chuchitos horriblitos? 1: still can not sell xq in Sweden there is a law prohibiting selling dogs q before q is 2 months. 2: q chilero ahh! but it is who wants them? 1: No fijate says preoucpa q that does not right now, to return q, xq will pay at a bank or something

2: ahh but enronces if coming 1: says if 2 q: q bueno!

1: And you as you go with the pike? with Year 2: it is a Dulcita and is well funny! Sunday stuck a vergazo inadvertently q I believed would be angry but it made him laugh and threw away my Kotex yesterday in front of him and just laughed and said account does not see anything q 1: jajajajajaja sos well mudita 2: ay if you 1: and as you hit him? q night the lights went out, the Sambito collided with the grill for roasting meat and left a big chop in vergazo, has opened

2: fijate q threw me over to hug him and he just blew my head and q had just told me he had a skull fracture and only as q q told me I had not heard 1: q jajjajaaj and against coconut hurt him? 2: the wall! VOPs my Tambito! poor thing! 1: You put your ranazo jajajaja you if you only pijaseadito the dairy is maintained, here it's on my feet right now .... as usual 2: my fat! q is so Dulcita

2: ask him to antonio under my umbrella if the car is not meeting q 1: but knowing where to walk the line right now is in my room in Guatemalan. 2: No I grabbed it and put it back to the car I think. not if I thought better verigual preguntale 1: go ta good, but when you look at

Sorry but i have tried to translate it but some sentence dosent make any sence. And i have askt mexican friends and they have a hard time translate Guatemalan. Iam not asking u guys to do all work just would need some help :/ Thanks anyway

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posted by No_clue
A huge thank you for your attempt to provide a translation. Now I hope someone will dive in and try to help you over the hard parts. - Moe, OCT 13, 2009

Guatemala translates both ways, ie English to Spanish and vice versa as Guatemala.

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posted by Eddy

Looks like a chat transcript to me.

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posted by Deanski
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