Can someone help me decipher these phrases

Can someone help me decipher these phrases


"sabes estare" en cusco si "desei embiaerte" solo por "estis tiempos estoy" another word that isn't translating is "cuidate te quiero"

These phrases are not translating in the machine translator. They are from a letter from a friend in Cusco. Can someone help me decipher these phrases?

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posted by dragoness333

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sabes estaré

"You know I will be" (should probably be "sabes que estaré"....

desei embiaerte

deseé if I desired .... you (not a clue)

estis tiempos estoy"

estos tiempos estoy..."these times I am"

cuidate te quiero"

Take care, I love you.

Anyway, the reason that you cannot get a translation from the translator is that the words are misspelled.

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Thanks! I was beginning to wonder about spelling, but didn't know if it was a South American twist or mixed with Quechua.... - dragoness333, SEP 30, 2009


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I suspect the letter you received is full of spelling errors.

Why not post the whole sentence or the whole paragraph that the words appear in together with as much of a translation as you can do. Then, someone here can try to help you over the hard parts if they can determine from context or otherwise what the misspelled words could be.

We want to help people who try to help thamselves. However we are not a translation site but a learning site. Learn along with us. We will be your friends.

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I have learned much, thank you! I believe the word you want above is "found" although one can be "fond" of rules as well. - dragoness333, SEP 30, 2009

ahhhh Me encanta Cuscoooo!!! grin I have been there a few times myself! Magical place!

I think they are not getting through translation because of typos or maybe missing accents...by chance....is it handwritten?

Since you have already tried, and it´s pretty clear this isn´t a homework assignment...I´m going to assume I won´t get flamed for helping you too directly.

Sabes estaré en Cusco = You know I will be en Cusco si desei embiaerte..hmmm...if it were "si deseéis enviarme" = if you all want to write me solo por estes tiempos estoy=only during these times I will be there.

Cuidate is "take care of yourself"...like saying "take care" when we say goodbye

Te quiero is an affectionate thing to say to a friend...literally "I like you"

hope that helps...and feel free to drop me a private message if you like about Peru....Have you been to Cusco? Sacred Valley? Macchu Picchu?

updated SEP 30, 2009
posted by arnold3
Good detective work. I thought about enviar, but could put it all together. - 0074b507, SEP 29, 2009
Thanks."Write me," I am wondering if "si desei embiaerte" might have to do with "wanting to send a package"? "embalaje", "embalar" or "embalijar"... - dragoness333, SEP 30, 2009
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