Usage note
This word must be preceded by the definite article in the sense shown in 4) in the plural noun.
1. (age) 
a. joven 
My mother and father married at a young age.Mi madre y padre se casaron cuando eran jóvenes.
2. (appearance) 
a. joven 
How do you maintain such young skin?¿Cómo mantienes la piel tan joven?
3. (inexperienced) 
a. verde 
My assistant is still young at this, but he'll get better.Mi asistente todavía está muy verde, pero ya mejorará.
plural noun
4. (young people) 
The young are full of hope.La gente joven está llena de esperanza.
The elderly always complain about the young, and vice versa.Los viejos siempre se quejan de los jóvenes, y vice versa.
5. (animal offspring) 
a. la cría (F) 
The lioness protected her young from the hyena.La leona protegió sus crías de la hiena.
1. (people) 
a. no direct translation 
the younglos jóvenes
2. (animals) 
a. la crías (F) 
3. (person) 
a. joven 
4. (appearance) 
a. juvenil 
she's (two years) younger than mees (dos años) menor que yo
you're only young oncesólo se es joven una vez en la vida
young man(chico m) joven m
young woman(chica ) joven f
when I was a young mancuando era joven
in his younger daysen su juventud
the night is young!¡la noche es joven!
young peoplelos jóvenes, la gente joven
young in spirit or at heartjoven de espíritu
young [jʌŋ]
younger (comparative)youngest (superlative)
1 (not old) [+person, animal] joven; [+child] pequeño; de corta edad
my younger brother mi hermano menor or pequeño; she is two years younger than me es dos años más joven que yo; tiene dos años menos que yo; if I were ten years younger si tuviera diez años menos; si fuera diez años más joven; I'm not so young as I was, I'm not getting any younger los años no perdonan or no pasan en balde; young Britain la juventud británica
the younger son
Pitt the younger Pitt el joven
she started writing poetry at a very young age comenzó a escribir poesía siendo muy joven
at a very young age he was sent to boarding school siendo muy pequeño lo mandaron a un internado
in my young(er) days cuando era joven; en mi juventud
they have a young family tienen niños pequeños
she looks quite young for her age aparenta bastante menos edad de la que tiene; parece bastante más joven de lo que es
the younger generation la generación de los más jóvenes
the younger generation of film-makers la generación de cineastas jóvenes
young hopeful joven aspirante (m)
Will one of our plucky young hopefuls get through to the second round of Wimbledon? a group of young hopefuls lined up for the auditions
a young lady una joven
why thank you, young lady! ¡muchas gracias, señorita or joven!; now look here, young lady! ¡atiende, jovencita!
a young man un joven
you've done well, young man muy bien hecho, muchacho; she's out with her young man ha salido con su novio or chico (informal)
to marry young casarse joven
it is enjoyed by millions, young and old millones lo disfrutan, grandes y pequeños
a young person una persona joven
It's now reckoned that 1 young person in 4 under the age of 20 has difficulties with reading It's not a young person's sport
you're as young as you feel la edad se lleva dentro
young at heart joven de espíritu
the night is young la noche es joven
you're only young once solo se vive una vez
2 (youthful)
that dress is too young for her ese vestido es para alguien más joven
the family business was in need of young blood el negocio familiar necesitaba savia nueva
he has a very young outlook piensa como los jóvenes; tiene mentalidad de joven
3 (new) [+moon] nuevo; [+plant, spinach, wheat] tierno; [+wine, country] joven
the 20th century was still young el siglo XX estaba todavía en sus comienzos
we are a very young country - there will be a lot of changes the country was young, they had different ideas of what it should be about a field of young wheat the idea of a pro-active national organization is still young in Japan one of the leaders of the opposition said that the movement is still young and its success will depend on the attitude of the working class
plural noun
1 (offspring) [of animals] crías (f)
a mother defending her young una madre protegiendo a sus crías
a rabbit and her young When the young first hatch, they are naked The tie between the young and their mothers is very close
to be with young estar preñada
2 (young people)
the young los jóvenes; la juventud
young gun (n) (actor, sportsman etc) joven valor (m)
...the latest Anfield young gun to sign a new long-term deal Now he has been put back into the middle order for his last chance before the selectors turn to the new young guns of English cricket ...the young gun whose cult novels The Wanderers (1974) and Bloodbrothers (1976) have been reissued by Bloomsbury ...the young guns who now profess such admiration for John Lennon's songwriting He may have been eclipsed by the young guns, but his films are still very popular
young offender (n) (Britain) delincuente (m) juvenil
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