you're fat
you're fat
1. (used to address one person) 
a. eres gordo (informal) (singular) 
It is very rude to say "you're fat."Es muy grosero decir “eres gordo”.
b. es gordo (formal) (singular) 
Why did you punish your student? - During yesterday's recess, he looked at me and said, "Mrs. Lozano, you're fat."¿Por qué castigaste a tu estudiante? – Durante el recreo de ayer, me miró y dijo, “Sra. Lozano, es gorda”.
2. (used to address multiple people) 
a. son gordos (plural) 
If someone says to you, "you're fat," you have to ignore it.Si alguien les dice, “son gordos”, hay que ignorarlo.
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