1. (deeply afflicted) 
The wretched prisoners awaited in silence their fate.Los desdichados prisioneros esperaron en silencio su suerte.
The poet led a wretched life, and died in solitude.El poeta llevó una vida desgraciada y murió en soledad.
c. miserable 
After the death of his children, his wretched existence became almost unbearable.Después de la muerte de sus hijos, su miserable existencia se volvió casi insoportable.
2. (deplorably bad) 
a. espantoso 
Many people live in wretched conditions in inner city areas.Muchas personas viven en condiciones espantosas en las zonas deprimidas de la ciudad.
b. horrible 
With this wretched weather, the only place I want to be is home.Con este clima horrible, el único lugar donde quiero estar es en mi casa.
c. muy mal 
The last time I ate at that restaurant, I felt wretched for days.La última vez que comí en ese restaurante, me sentí muy mal durante varios días.
3. (very annoying or despicable) 
a. condenado 
The neighbor's wretched rooster woke me up at 4 am.El condenado gallo del vecino me despertó a las 4 am.
b. maldito 
That wretched dog won't stop barking!¡Ese maldito perro no para de ladrar!
1. (very bad) 
a. horrible, inmundo(a) 
2. (unhappy) 
a. abatido(a) 
3. (for emphasis) 
a. no direct translation 
I can't find the wretched umbrella!¡no encuentro el maldito paraguas!
wretched [ˈretʃɪd]
1 (unhappy) desdichado; desgraciado
2 (abject, poor) [+condition] miserable; lamentable; [+slum] lamentable; [+life, existence] miserable; desgraciado; infeliz
the wretched conditions in which the prisoners are kept the soldiers were found in a wretched condition
to live in wretched poverty vivir en la miseria más absoluta
most of them live in wretched poverty the wretched state of the economy
3 (very bad) horrible; espantoso
what wretched luck! ¡maldita la suerte!; where's that wretched dog! ¡dónde está ese maldito or condenado perro!; to feel wretched (miserable) sentirse infeliz; (ill) sentirse muy mal
anything is better than feeling utterly wretched just when everyone else is having all the fun I feel quite wretched thinking of him all alone for Christmas although the final result of the treatment is very beneficial it can make the sufferer feel wretched
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