An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (frail)
a. débil
The old man was too weak to open the door on his own.El anciano era demasiado débil para abrir la puerta por su cuenta.
2. (lacking)
a. flojo
This coffee is weak! It tastes like water.¡Este café está flojo! Sabe a agua.
3. (unsure)
a. débil
Don't be so weak; you should fight for your rights.No seas tan débil. Deberías luchar por tus derechos.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (person, currency, character, excuse)
a. débil
2. (tea, coffee)
a. flojo(a)
to grow weakdebilitarse
to have a weak heartestar mal del corazón
to be weak at physicsestar flojo en física
3. (fig)
she went weak at the kneesle empezaron a temblar las piernas
4. (fig)
weak spotpunto débil
weak [wiːk]
weaker (comparative)weakest (superlative)
1 (physically) [+person, limb, constitution] débil
I was too weak to move or speak The cattle were too weak to be transported another 200 miles His arms and legs were weak
he was too weak to stand up estaba demasiado débil para levantarse; no tenía fuerzas para levantarse
he is too weak to be moved
to have weak eyesight tener mala vista
Until the beating, Cantanco's eyesight had been weak, but adequate
to feel weak sentirse débil
she felt weak after walking so far after so many months of illness he still felt weak
my legs/arms felt weak no tenía fuerza en las piernas/los brazos
to be weak from hunger estar debilitado por el hambre
weak with fear
to grow or get weak(er) debilitarse
In spite of being nursed by his son, the 77-year-old poet grew weaker I got weaker and weaker as overwork and exhaustion took their toll
to have a weak heart padecer del corazón
the weaker sex el sexo débil
Women are also outraged at being termed the weaker sex when most men will faint at the thought of childbirth and take to their beds with the slightest cold! Women, we are told, are the weaker sex. Men are biologically superior, equipped to fight and kill
to have a weak stomach marearse con facilidad
I found the film distressing, and I have never thought of myself as someone with a weak stomach
to be weak with hunger estar debilitado por el hambre
weak with fear
to be weak with fear estar débil por el miedo
to be weak in the head ser cortito de arriba (informal)
She's a bit weak in the head, if you ask me
to go weak at the knees
I went weak at the knees se me flaquearon las piernas
Beautiful young girls are usually surrounded by young men going weak at the knees A serious Anglophile, Lacroix goes weak at the knees when he sees a perfect Georgian terrace Women go weak at the knees at the first glimpse of vulnerability in a man
2 (fragile) [+bone, fingernail, bond] frágil
Swimming is helpful for bones that are porous and weak Don't file down the sides of the nails as this will make them weaker
[+structure] endeble; frágil
it is essentially a weak structure that will not withstand heavy weights
[+material] endeble
We ordinarily think of polythene as being a rather weak material
that chair's got a weak leg a esa silla le falla una pata; esa silla tiene una pata floja; the weak link (in the chain) el eslabón flojo (de la cadena)
The housing sector is a weak link in the economy The strike force is the only weak link in Charlton's team The Iraqis seem to have regarded Syria as the weak link in the Arab chain the army is too weak to launch an offensive
3 (ineffectual) [+person, voice, smile, currency, government] débil; [+economy] débil; flojo
When the economy is weak, it's very hard for suppliers to raise their prices The weak dollar means American goods are relative bargains for foreigners The British machine tool industry is weak It had long been considered one of the weakest companies in the field
[+market] flojo
they believe it is weak to cry creen que llorar es signo de debilidad; creen que llorar es de débiles; the dollar is weak against the pound el dólar está débil en comparación con la libra
The company blamed the weak American market business has been weak The mark is weak against the pound In London the pound opened almost a cent weaker against the dollar he's too weak for this job He was a nice doctor, but a weak man who wasn't going to stick his neck out Vogts is a weak character and is only a puppet She asked in a weak voice for water His weak voice was almost inaudible He managed a weak smile Weak government has led to financial irresponsibility The changes come after mounting criticism that the government is weak and indecisive They portrayed him as a weak leader unable to liberate the hostages The chief editorial writer blames weak leadership for the current crisis They do not need weak management. They need people who are considerate, yet demanding I'm so weak, I just can't say 'no' to her You have been conditioned to believe that it is weak to be scared
to have a weak chin tener una barbilla poco pronunciada
She was a plain-looking woman with a weak chin it's because of his weak chin that everyone thinks William Hague is a bit wet
4 (poor) [+subject, student, team] flojo
He was concerned that the weaker students might obtain less feedback The English assessment system does little for the weaker pupil This was an even tournament with no outstanding team and no outstandingly weak team
geography is my weak subject estoy flojo en geografía; la geografía es mi asignatura floja
to be weak at or in sth flojear en algo; estar flojo en algo
The report says that Britain is extremely weak at vocational training He's very weak in his analysis of situations
the course was very weak on grammar el curso era muy flojo en lo referente a gramática
The plan appeared to be weak on new initiatives
weak point punto (m) débil
The claim exposed a weak point in the structure of facts upon which his argument rested The Stock Exchange is the weak point in Hong Kong's image as a financial centre what are his weak [points]? You may very well be asked what your weak points are. Don't try to claim you don't have any
5 (unconvincing) [+argument, evidence] poco sólido; poco convincente; [+case] poco sólido; [+excuse, answer] poco convincente
the film had a weak plot el argumento de la película era muy flojo
This argument is weak, for two reasons The evidence against him was weak and insufficient Do you think the prosecution made any particular errors, or did they just have a weak case? It is not good enough for their boss to provide weak excuses for their behaviour his stories are weak [on] plot He says both men are weak on facts and details Our orchestra is weak on string players
6 (faint) [+light] débil; tenue
In the weak light of the headlamp, I wrote down the number They shone the weak beams of their torches on the path
[+sun, signal, electric current] débil
the weak winter sun A weak sun shines on the promenade
[+tide, current] flojo
Strong winds can turn boats when the tide is weak
[+pulse] débil; flojo
she had a weak pulse
7 (watery) [+coffee, tea, alcoholic drink] poco cargado
Instant coffee is weaker, with less caffeine He sat sipping weak tea from a chipped mug In the kitchen he made himself a weak gin and tonic
[+solution] diluido
Occasionally provide your plants with a weak solution of plant food You can neutralise the smell by wiping the plaster with a very weak bleach solution
plural noun
the weak los débiles
Some, the old and the weak and the sick, began to die The state took over responsibility for the poor, the weak and the unfortunate The triumph of the strong over the weak
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