usted come
usted come
1. (formal) (you have your midday meal; second person singular) (Mexico) (Spain) 
Usted siempre come en casa, y yo en cambio como en un restaurante porque vivo lejos del trabajo.You always have lunch at home, while I have lunch at a restaurant because I live far from work.
No olvide que usted come mañana con los clientes de Madrid.Don't forget you're having lunch tomorrow with our clients from Madrid.
2. (formal) (you have your evening meal; second person singular) (Latin America) 
Si usted come todos los días a las 10 pm, ¿a qué hora se va a la cama?If you have dinner at 10 pm every day, what time do you go to bed?
Le escuché decir antes que usted come esta noche con sus suegros. ¿Se lleva bien con ellos?I heard you saying before that you're having dinner with your in-laws this evening. Do you get on with them?
3. (formal) (you consume; second person singular) 
a. you have 
Si usted come normalmente tanto pescado, le costará acostumbrarse a vivir tan lejos de la costa.If you normally have so much fish, it'll be difficult for you to get used to living so far from the coast.
b. you eat 
Usted come demasiado pan, no me extraña que engorde.You eat too much bread. I'm not surprised you're putting on weight.
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