1. (unsympathetic) 
Why do you still talk to her? She's the most unfriendly person I've every met.¿Por qué le sigues hablando? Es la persona más antipática que jamás he conocido.
b. hostil 
After he announced his divorce, his mother-in-law became unfriendly towards him.Después de anunciar su divorcio, su suegra se puso hostil contra él.
What did I do to you to deserve such unfriendly treatment?¿Qué te hice para merecer este trato tan poco amistoso?
d. arisco 
Connor's been unfriendly to the neighbors ever since they threw a bottle at his cat.Connor ha estado arisco con los vecinos desde que le aventaron una botella a su gato.
2. (inhospitable) 
a. hostil 
The soldiers felt defeated by the unfriendly terrain of the desert.Los soldados se sintieron derrotados por el terreno hostil del desierto.
1. (person) 
a. arisco(a), antipático(a) 
2. (reception) 
a. hostil 
unfriendly [ˈʌnˈfrendlɪ]
unfriendlier (comparative)unfriendliest (superlative) [+person] poco amistoso; (stronger) antipático; [+voice] poco amistoso; [+act, gesture] poco amistoso; (stronger) hostil; [+place, atmosphere] poco acogedor; [+country, territory] hostil
alone in this vast and unfriendly city with her family thousands of miles away ...an unfriendly foreign power ...Communist and other unfriendly countries They were treated as an unfriendly and occupying army
to be unfriendly to or towards sb ser or mostrarse antipático or poco amistoso con algn
He was only unfriendly towards visitors
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