1. (medical technique) 
Frank's cancer treatment is going well. El tratamiento del cáncer de Frank va bien.
2. (behavior towards) 
a. el trato (M) 
She doesn't show special treatment to any of her students.Ella no demuestra trato especial a ninguno de sus estudiantes.
1. (of prisoner) 
a. el trato (M) 
2. (of patient, machine, matter) 
a. el tratamiento (M) 
preferential treatmenttrato de favor
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to give somebody the treatmentdar una paliza or
treatment [ˈtriːtmənt]
1 (handling) [of people] trato (m); [of object] trato (m); manejo (m); [of subject, idea] tratamiento (m)
our treatment of foreigners el trato que damos a los extranjeros; I wouldn't put up with such treatment yo no permitiría que me trataran así or que me dieran ese trato; the judge was criticized for his harsh treatment of offenders el juez fue criticado por su trato duro hacia los delincuentes; his treatment of the subject is superficial el tratamiento que da al tema es superficial
his treatment of the main characters is superficial conscientious objectors are receiving harsh treatment because of their beliefs she is scientific in her treatment of the subject the government's treatment of the affair was diplomatic Rattle's treatment of Brahms's First Symphony was a model of romanticism his treatment of Paris summons nostalgia Compare, for example, the relative treatment of abortion in law and in morals he developed the mathematical basis for a statistical treatment of molecular evolution
for a more extensive treatment of this subject I refer the reader to ... para ver este tema en más profundidad remito al lector a ...
at that restaurant you get the full treatment en ese restaurante te tratan a cuerpo de rey (informal)
As we walked into the foyer, past the huge doors, a black-suited majordomo came out from behind a partition and, seeing Jeremy, cringed respectfully. So it occurred to me that for some reason we were being given the full treatment hospitality suites that give corporate clients the full treatment she'll be interrogated and jailed - what's known as the full treatment
to give sb preferential treatment dar a algn un trato preferente
to get preferential treatment recibir un trato preferente
he has come in for some rough treatment from the press ha recibido un trato duro por parte de la prensa
the car has obviously had some rough treatment you can expect no [special] treatment or privileges to [get] [receive] special treatment we don't want special treatment
to give sb the treatment (beat up) dar caña a algn (informal); (entertain well) tratar a algn a cuerpo de rey (informal)
So I decide to pick on one of 'em first and give him the treatment, so's to give meself a breather an" sort the others out in good time we invited their directors down and gave them the treatment Tommy Sopwith and a few of the directors were invited to visit the town so that they might be given "the treatment" But until last night Charles had not been given the treatment. The Great British Public saw him as stiff, formal, boring, eccentric and distant
2 (Med) tratamiento (m)
an effective treatment for eczema a new drug in the treatment of AIDS/cancer as with all oily hair treatments, shampoo needs to be applied first to [have] [receive] [undergo] treatment (for sth)
she has or receives or undergoes treatment twice a month la someten a tratamiento dos veces al mes
a course of treatment un tratamiento
he needs medical treatment le hace falta atención médica or tratamiento médico
no medical treatment is required for this condition my dentist has opted out of the NHS and provides private treatment only not many people can afford private treatment
I am still receiving treatment for the injury todavía estoy en tratamiento por la lesión
the injury was 18 months ago and I am still receiving treatment Walton had undergone treatment for leukemia in the early 1980s Inzamam received treatment for a dislocated finger
to respond to treatment responder al tratamiento
the tumour did not respond to treatment and he died three months later
3 (processing) [of sewage, waste] tratamiento (m)
there should be greater treatment of sewage before it is discharged treatment may discolour light woods an expansion of a script into sequence form, indicating camera angles, dialogue etc
treatment room (n) (Med) sala (f) de curas
He has applied ice-packs and spent hours on the treatment table but admitted he was `stiff and sore" yesterday
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medical treatment
tratamiento médico
bad treatment
mal trato
equal treatment
igualdad de trato
unfair treatment
trato injusto
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