too much
too much
1. (quantity) 
a. demasiado 
You have had too much to drink. Has bebido demasiado.
b. mucho 
The baby is crying too much; I think he is hungry.El bebé llora mucho; creo que tiene hambre.
You have been studying too much. Take a break! Has estado estudiando muchísimo. ¡Toma un descanso!
2. (quantity) 
Too much candy will make you sick.Un exceso de dulces te pondrá enfermo.
b. demasiado 
That is too much food for two people. Esa es demasiada comida para dos personas.
c. mucho 
You spend too much time playing videogames.Pasas mucho tiempo jugando videojuegos.
A three-course meal? That's too much for me.¿Una comida de tres platos? Me parece muchísimo.
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