wear out
transitive verb phrase
1. (to cause to deteriorate) 
a. gastar 
You're going to wear out your nice dress shoes if you don't use a shoe horn.Vas a gastar tus zapatos de vestir buenos si no usas un calzador.
b. desgastar 
She wore out the car so quickly because she never changed the oil and drove it really hard.Desgastó el carro tan rápido porque nunca cambió el aceite y lo manejó muy duro.
2. (to tire) 
a. agotar 
Enough! Sweetie, you're wearing me out with all the questions!¡Basta ya! ¡Cariño, me estás agotando con tantas preguntas!
b. cansar 
The plane ride to Tokyo really wore me out.El vuelo a Tokio me cansó mucho.
intransitive verb phrase
3. (to deteriorate) 
a. gastarse 
Rodrigo, that suit is really wearing out. I think it's time to buy another.Rodrigo, ese traje se está gastando mucho, creo que ya es hora de comprar otro.
I know my mom's old rug is wearing out, but I can't bring myself to get rid of it.Sé que la vieja alfombra de mi madre se está desgastando, pero no puedo deshacerme de ella.
reflexive verb
4. (to exhaust oneself) 
a. agotarse 
You're going to wear yourself out if you don't stop to rest.Te vas a agotar si no te detienes para descansar.
wear out
transitive verb phrase
1. (general) 
a. gastar, desgastar 
to w oneself outagotarse
wear out
transitive verb
1 (ruin) [+clothes, battery, engine, clutch] gastar; desgastar
he wears out a pair of trainers every three months leaving the batteries in will wear them out sooner
you'll wear your eyes out doing that como hagas eso te vas a cansar la vista
2 (exhaust) agotar
you'll wear me out! ¡me vas a agotar!; ¡me vas a matar! (informal)
My fifth husband said I just wore him out. the past few days had really worn him out
I'm worn out estoy agotado or rendido; to wear o.s. out agotarse; matarse (informal)
I wore myself out trying to convince him you'll wear yourself out if you carry on working this hard
[+clothes, shoes, battery, engine, clutch] gastarse; desgastarse; [+knee, elbow of garment] gastarse
shoes wear out more quickly than clothing the batteries/gramophone needle were/was beginning to wear out
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