tune in
tune in
transitive verb phrase
1. (television and radio) 
Thank you for watching our program, and we hope that you tune in to our station next week.Gracias por mirar nuestro programa y esperamos que sintonicen nuestra cadena la semana que viene.
intransitive verb phrase
2. (television and radio) 
Here is a recap for the viewers who are just now tuning in.Aquí tenemos una recapitulación para los espectadores que acaban de sintonizar.
tune in
intransitive verb
1. (rad & tv) 
a. no direct translation 
to t in to somethingsintonizar (con) algo
make sure you t in next weekvuelva a sintonizarnos la próxima semana
tune in
(Rad) (TV) sintonizar
tune in again tomorrow sintonice con nosotros mañana
thousands tuned in to hear the results
to tune in to sth (Rad) (TV) sintonizar (con) algo; (to needs, feelings) conectar con algo
2.2 million people tuned in to Channel Four Viewers who tuned in to the live broadcast of the court proceedings were stunned by the most explicit and detailed evidence of a rape case ever shown on TV I try to tune in to how my body feels as well as how it looks You can start now to tune in to your own physical, social and spiritual needs
transitive verb
1 (Rad) (TV)
you are tuned in to ... está usted sintonizando (la cadena) ...
to [be] tuned in to be tuned in to sth (to new developments) estar al corriente de algo; (to sb's feelings) estar conectado con algo
he's just not tuned in to the child's world, the child's feelings
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