stand out
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to be conspicuous) 
What stands out about this city is the friendliness of its people.Lo que sobresale de esta ciudad es la amabilidad de su gente.
The originality of the narrative is what makes the novel stand out.La originalidad de la narrativa es lo que hace que se destaque la novela.
c. destacar 
Of course you're going to stand out at the wedding if you wear a clown suit.Claro que vas a destacar en la boda si vistes un traje de payaso.
d. resaltar 
I chose this font for the sign because it really stands out.Elegí esta tipografía para el cartel porque resalta mucho.
2. (to project) 
The rock stood out alone from the rest of the formation.Sola la roca sobresalía del resto de la formación.
3. (to resist) 
The senator stood out against the bill because of its restrictions on voting rights.El senador se opuso al proyecto de ley por sus restricciones de los derechos de votación.
stand out
intransitive verb
1. (be prominent) 
a. destacar 
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
it stands out a mile!¡se nota or se ve a la legua!
to s out against somethingoponerse a algo
stand out
1 (project) [+ledge, buttress, vein] sobresalir; salir
2 (be conspicuous, clear) destacar;against contra
to stand out against the sky The yellow stands out against the dark background His red hair stood out in the crowd
to stand out in relief resaltar
it stands out a mile se ve a la legua
It was clear that he wasn't enjoying himself — in fact it stood out a mile "You're an amazing woman." "How do you know?" "Doesn't take much knowing: it stands out a mile"
3 (be outstanding) destacarse
he stands out from all the other students He stands out above all the rest
4 (be firm, hold out) mantenerse firme; aferrarse
How long can you stand out?
to stand out against sth oponerse a algo; to stand out for sth insistir en algo
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