put away
put away
transitive verb phrase
1. (to return to their place) 
a. guardar 
Don't forget to put the hammer away when you're finished with it.No te olvides de guardar el martillo cuando acabes con él.
Wash and put the dishes away and we can have dessert.Lava y pon los platos en su sitio y tendremos el postre.
c. ordenar (toys) 
Put your toys away, Sam. It's time for bed.Ordena tus juguetes, Sam. Ya es hora de acostarse.
2. (to save) 
a. ahorrar 
She managed to put away a few dollars a month out of her wages.Consiguió cada semana ahorrar unos cuantos dólares de su sueldo.
b. guardar 
It's a good idea to have something put away for emergencies.Es una buena idea tener algo guardado para emergencias.
3. (colloquial) (to confine) 
a. encerrar 
The killer was put away for three counts of murder.El asesino fue encerrado por tres cargos de asesinato.
b. meter en un manicomio (mad person) 
She's nuts. She ought to be put away!Está chalada. ¡Deberían meterla en un manicomio!
4. (colloquial) (to consume) 
a. zamparse (colloquial) 
You wouldn't believe what he can put away. Yesterday he ate a whole chicken.No te creerías lo que se puede zampar. Ayer se comió un pollo entero.
5. (to lay aside) 
a. desechar (figurative) 
You should put away such negative thoughts. Be positive!Debes desechar esos pensamientos negativos. ¡Sé positivo!
put away
transitive verb phrase
1. (tidy away) 
a. ordenar, recoger 
p your money/wallet awayguarda tu dinero/cartera
2. (colloquial) 
a. encerrar (imprison) 
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (eat, drink) 
he can really p it away!¡cómo traga!
put away
transitive verb
1 (in proper place) [+clothes, toys, books] guardar; poner en su sitio
time to put your toys away please put your books away
[+shopping] guardar; colocar; [+car] poner en el garaje
put that knife away! ¡pon ese cuchillo en su sitio!
Don't be stupid, man! Put the knife away! she closed her notebook and put away her pen I put the shopping away while she made some tea
2 (confine) (in prison) meter en la cárcel; encerrar; (in asylum) encerrar en un manicomio
He's an animal! He should be put away He had both his wives put away after failed suicide attempts
3 (save) [+money] ahorrar; guardar
...the regular sums that you put away for holidays you may want to put something away for a rainy day
4 (consume) [+food, drink] tragarse (informal); zamparse (informal)
he put away several sandwiches I'd put away half a bottle of tequila during the evening He put away several rounds of sandwiches but was still hungry
he can certainly put it away ese sí sabe comer
5 (reject) [+thought] desechar; descartar; [+wife] repudiar
6 (Dep) (score with) [+ball] meter; marcar
Pearce headed back into the goalmouth and Cooper was there by the post to put the ball away We did enough to win, creating a lot of chances, but failed to put the ball away
(US) (beat) ganar a
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