meet up
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to rendezvous) 
Stamp collectors will meet up in Miami for their annual convention this weekend.Los coleccionistas de sellos se encontrarán en Miami para su convención anual este fin de semana.
b. quedar 
Let's meet up in the café at 7 pm.Quedemos en el café a las 7 pm.
c. verse 
Church leaders met up in Houston yesterday to plan their visit to Italy.Los líderes eclesiásticos se vieron en Houston ayer para planear su visita a Italia.
d. juntarse 
Carla and I are going to meet up after the conference in Barcelona.Carla y yo nos vamos a juntar después del congreso en Barcelona.
transitive verb phrase
2. (to rendezvous; used with "with") 
a. verse con 
I'm going to meet up with Cristian at 6 pm.Me voy a ver con Cristian a las 6 pm.
3. (to encounter; used with "with") 
This stream meets up with a river a few miles from here.Este arroyo empalma con un río a unas millas de aquí.
meet up
intransitive verb
1. (general) 
a. encontrarse, quedar 
meet up
encounter each other
to meet up (with sb) (by arrangement) quedar (con algn); verse (con algn); (by chance) encontrarse (con algn); tropezarse (con algn); they promised to meet up again in a year's time prometieron volver a verse or quedar un año después; we meet up for lunch occasionally de vez en cuando quedamos para almorzar juntos
they said their farewells and promised to all meet up again in London they met up in 1956 when they were both young schoolboys they met up in the foyer before the concert to meet up with sb quedar con algn verse con algn to meet up with sb get to know conocer a algn I've arranged to meet up with them after the concert I often meet up with people in the street who I assumed were dead when I was parking my car I met up with a friend I hadn't seen for years my intention was to have a holiday and meet up with old friends they were on their way to meet up with other Dakota chiefs it was there that she met up with the man who became her husband
where did you two meet up? (for 1st time) ¿dónde os conocisteis?
2 (join) empalmar
this road meets up with the motorway esta carretera empalma con la autopista
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