get together
get together
transitive verb phrase
1. (to collect) 
a. juntar 
We just need to get a little more money together so we can have the party.Sólo hay que juntar un poco más de dinero para poder hacer la fiesta.
b. reunir 
The coach is getting some people together to make a new team.El entrenador está reuniendo gente para formar un equipo nuevo.
c. recoger 
Hurry up and get your things together. It's time to go to school.Apúrate y recoge tus cosas. Ya es hora de irnos a la escuela.
2. (to organize) 
It's been a hectic day. I need some time to get my thoughts together.Ha sido un día ajetreado. Necesito tiempo para poner en orden mis pensamientos.
b. organizar 
Do you need any help getting your presentation together?¿Necesitas ayuda organizando la presentación?
intransitive verb phrase
3. (to meet up with) 
a. reunirse 
The administration is going to get together with management to discuss the budget.La administración va a reunirse con la gerencia para analizar el presupuesto.
b. juntarse 
Veronica is going to get together with some friends after school to study.Verónica se va a juntar con unas amigas después de clases para estudiar.
c. verse 
It's been a long time. We should get together soon.Ha pasado mucho tiempo. Deberíamos vernos pronto.
get together
transitive verb phrase
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to g some money togetherjuntar algo de dinero
let me g my thoughts togetherdéjame poner en claro mis ideas
intransitive verb
2. (people) 
a. quedar, verse 
get together
transitive verb
[+people, money, team] reunir; [+objects] reunir; juntar; [+show, concert] preparar; [+proposal] elaborar; [+thoughts, ideas] poner en orden
we couldn't get the down payment together no pudimos reunir el dinero para la entrada; it won't take me long to get my stuff together no tardaré mucho en recoger mis cosas
I couldn't get them all together at one time Why don't you get some people together and have a dinner party for him I couldn't get enough money together to buy it they just about got the show together in time for the opening we've got a wonderful concert together for lovers of Mozart can you get a team together for Saturday? the two of us got a proposal together for a workplace nursery to get [o.s.] together I have to have a cup of coffee before I can get myself together
get yourself together and make sure you're there on time organízate y asegúrate que estás allí a la hora
[+friends, group, club] reunirse
the whole family gets together at Christmas a group of us got together to raise money for charity to get together about sth
could we get together this evening? ¿podemos reunirnos esta tarde?; to get together about sth reunirse para discutir algo; you'd better get together with him before you decide te conviene hablar con él antes de decidirte
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