beat up

beat up
transitive verb phrase
1. (colloquial) (to hurt) 
a. dar una paliza a (colloquial) 
Some mobsters beat up the grocer because he wouldn't rat someone out to them.Unos mafiosos le dieron una paliza al tendero porque no quizo delatar a alguien.
b. pegar 
Bruno told me he would beat me up if I didn't give him my lunch money.Bruno me dijo que me iba a pegar si no le daba mi dinero para el almuerzo.
beat up
transitive verb phrase
1. (assault) 
a. dar una paliza a 
beat up
transitive verb
1 [+person] dar una paliza a; pegar
he used to terrorize and beat up his younger playmates they beat him up so bad he had been hospitalized
2 (Cookery) batir
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