ask for
ask for(
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to request) 
a. pedir 
I may ask you for some help if I can't do this alone.Puede que te pida ayuda si no puedo hacerlo solo.
b. solicitar 
We know that the attorney will ask for the acquittal of her client.Sabemos que la abogada solicitará la absolución de su cliente.
2. (to look for) 
Son, one of your friends is asking for you at the door.Hijo, hay uno de tus amigos en la puerta preguntando por ti.
ask for
intransitive verb
1 (request) pedir; solicitar (formal)
he wrote asking for help escribió pidiendo or (formal) solicitando ayuda; to ask for sth back pedir que se devuelva algo
he asked for his pen back I decided to go to the next house and ask for food I need to ask for some more information first who asked for your opinion?
2 (look for)
to ask for sb preguntar por algn; there's someone asking for you at reception hay alguien en recepción que pregunta por ti
there's a man at the gate asking for you
3 (in idiomatic phrases)
he is all I could ask for in a son tiene todo lo que podría pedirle a un hijo
he asked for it! ¡él se lo ha buscado!
you're asking for a good smack! ¡si sigues así, te vas a ganar una buena bofetada!
it's just asking for trouble eso no es otra cosa que buscarse problemas
to ask sb for sth pedir algo a algn
I asked the boss for a rise
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