In Spanish, "esos" refers to something that is not in the immediate vicinity of the speaker, but is also not too distant. "Aquellos" refers to something that is a great deal farther away from the speaker and listeners.
An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (demonstrative)
a. esos (before masculine noun)
Please pick up those books.Por favor recoge esos libros.
b. esas (before feminine noun)
Those pens are mine, but you can borrow them.Esas plumas son mías, pero te las presto.
c. aquellos (before masculine noun)
Those buildings look so small from this height.Aquellos edificios se ven tan pequeños desde esta altura.
d. aquellas (before feminine noun)
I don't want these strawberries. I want those over there by the exit.No quiero estas fresas. Quiero aquellas que están allí por la salida.
A pronoun is a word that stands in for a noun (e.g. she).
2. (demonstrative)
a. esos (in place of masculine noun)
I don't want the red shoes; I want those.No quiero los zapatos rojos; quiero esos.
b. esas (in place of feminine noun)
Those aren't the boxes I asked you for.Esas no son las cajas que te pedí.
c. aquellos (in place of masculine noun)
Those are just as good as these.Aquellos son tan buenos como estos.
d. aquellas (in place of feminine noun)
Those always have more seeds than these apples.Aquellas siempre tienen más semillas que estas manzanas.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (general)
a. esos(as)
2. (further away)
a. aquellos(as)
those onesésos(as)
A pronoun is a word that stands in for a noun (e.g. she).
3. (general)
a. ésos(as)
4. (further away)
a. aquéllos(as)
those of us who remember the waraquéllos or los que recordamos la guerra
those of us who were presentlos que estuvimos presentes
those [ðəʊz]
demonstrative adjective
esosesas;esas (further away) aquellosaquellas;aquellas
ask those children pregúntales a esos niños; those ones over there aquellos de allí; aquellos que están allí; it's not these chocolates but those ones I like no son estos bombones los que me gustan sino aquellos
demonstrative pronoun
esosesas;esas ésosésas;ésas (further away) aquellosaquellas;aquellas aquéllosaquéllas;aquéllas
In the past the standard spelling for [esos/esas] and [aquellos/aquellas] as pronouns was with an accent ([ésos/ésas] and [aquéllos/aquéllas]). Nowadays the [Real Academia Española] advises that the accented forms are only required where there might otherwise be confusion with the adjectives [esos/esas] and [aquellos/aquellas].
those which los que; las que; those who los que; las que; quienes; those of you/us who ... los/las que ...; I prefer these to those prefiero estos a aquellos
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