1. (feeling a desire to drink) 
a. sediento 
Alfonso was thirsty after eating the caviar.Alfonso estaba sediento tras comerse el caviar.
b. tener sed 
I've been exercising and I'm thirsty.He estado haciendo ejercicio y tengo sed.
2. (figurative) (eager) 
a. ansioso 
Fantasy movie fans are thirsty for news of the new series.Los aficionados de las películas de fantasía están ansiosos por escuchar noticias de la nueva serie.
3. (slang) (desperate) 
That thirsty guy I met at the concert has sent me like 80 texts.Ese chico desesperado que conocí en el concierto me ha mandado como 80 mensajes.
1. (general) 
a. sediento(a) 
to be thirstytener sed
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
all this talking is thirsty worktanto hablar da sed
thirsty [ˈθɜːstɪ]
thirstier (comparative)thirstiest (superlative)
1 [+person, animal] que tiene sed; sediento (literary)
the lips of a thirsty patient may only be moistened with water There was chaos as the hungry and thirsty refugees fought over food The donkey was hungry, thirsty, and very weary after a day in the fields These soils are free draining and the small quantity of moisture which they contain is soon used up by thirsty [plants]
to be thirsty tener sed
I suddenly felt very thirsty de pronto me entró mucha sed
I felt thirsty and walked to the drinking fountain
to be thirsty for sth tener sed or ansias de algo; estar sediento de algo (literary)
I was beginning to get thirsty
I'm getting thirsty me está entrando or dando sed
all this work is making me thirsty todo este trabajo me está dando sed
gardening is thirsty work trabajar en el jardín da sed
2 [+land, fields] sediento
Underneath was the triumphant caption, "Water for the Thirsty [Land]" A black cloud emptied itself suddenly on to the thirsty fields
[+car] que consume mucha gasolina
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