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A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
1. (planet)
a. el mundo
(m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
There are more than seven billion people in the world.Hay más de siete mil millones de personas en el mundo.
2. (realm)
a. el mundo
(m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
After graduation, she plans on entering the business world.Después de graduación, ella planea entrar en el mundo de los negocios.
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A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
1. (the earth)
a. el mundo
(m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
the best/biggest in the worldel mejor/más grande del mundo
to go round the worlddar la vuelta al mundo
the world over, all over the worlden todas partes
the World Bankel Banco Mundial
world championcampeón(ona) mundial
the World Cupel Mundial (de fútbol), los Mundiales (de fútbol)
world's fairexposición universal
world mapmapamundi m
world musicmúsica étnica
world recordrécord mundial or del mundo
World Seriesfinal a siete partidos entre los dos campeones de las ligas de béisomebodyol en Estados Unidos
world warguerra mundial
World War One/Twola Primera/Segunda Guerra Mundial
2. (sphere of activity)
a. el mundo
(m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
the literary/business worldel mundo literario/de los negocios
3. (society)
a man of the worldun hombre de mundo
to go up in the worldprosperar
to come down in the worldvenir a menos
he's got the world at his feettiene el mundo a sus pies
world viewvisión del mundo
4. (for emphasis)
that will do you the world of goodte vendrá la mar de bien
there's a world of difference between the two partieslos dos partidos no tienen nada que ver (el uno con el otro)
she thinks the world of himlo quiere como a nada en el mundo
they carried on for all the world as if nothing had happenedsiguieron tranquilamente como si nada hubiera pasado
5. (idioms)
he's not long for this worldle queda poco, está con un pie en la tumba
to bring a child into the worldtraer un niño al mundo
he wants to have the best of both worldsél quiere tenerlo todo (y eso no es posible)
she lives in a world of her ownvive en su propio mundo
6. (colloquial)
it's out of this worldes una maravilla
not for (anything in) the worldni por todo el oro del mundo
it's a small world!¡el mundo es un pañuelo!
what is the world coming to?¿adónde vamos a ir a parar?
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world [wɜːld]
1 (planet) mundo (m)
Australia is on the other side of the world Australia está al otro lado del mundo; the world we live in el mundo en el que vivimos
we hope that people throughout the world will respond the Rockefellers of this world
the world's worst cook el peor cocinero del mundo; our company leads the world in shoe manufacturing nuestra empresa es líder mundial en la confección de calzado
since the world began desde que el mundo es mundo
in the best of all possible worlds en el mejor de los mundos
it's not the end of the world! ¡no es el fin del mundo!
the tallest man in the world el hombre más alto del mundo
it's what he wants most in (all) the world es lo que más quiere en el mundo
perhaps we should help him get into university; it's what he wants most in all the world
the New World el Nuevo Mundo
the Old World el Viejo Mundo
she has travelled all over the world ha viajado por todo el mundo
people came from all over the world vino gente de todas partes del mundo; it's the same the world over es igual en todo el mundo; es igual vayas a donde vayas
in a perfect world this would be possible en un mundo ideal or perfecto esto sería posible
you have to start living in the real world tienes que empezar a afrontar la vida or la realidad
to go round the world dar la vuelta al mundo
a [round-the-world] cruise
on a world scale a escala mundial
the outbreak of nuclear hostilities on a world scale
to see the world ver mundo
to take the world as it is aceptar la realidad; aceptar las cosas como son
the worst of all possible worlds el peor de todos los mundos posibles
...resulting in the worst of all possible worlds, a loan that comes at the wrong time and a permanent increase in debt A last-minute withdrawal of Iraqi soldiers would have been `the worst of all possible worlds", Mr Bush says Euro-sceptics from both sides of the Commons heralded the result as the worst of all possible worlds
to have the world at one's feet tener el mundo a sus pies
he was energetic, ambitious and seemed to have the world at his feet the image of the emotional, smiling heroine with the world at her feet his win meant that once again he had the tennis world at his feet
it's out of this world es una maravilla
this chocolate mousse is out of this world her boyfriend is out of this world
to live in a world of one's own vivir en su propio mundo
these people seemed to live in a world of their own whose workings were foreign to him Why come to terms with real life when you can live in an imaginary world of your own, right? when I'm swimming I'm in a world of my own
you seem to be in a world of your own today hoy parece que estás en otro mundo
her teachers complained that she was in a world of her own Stephen was far away in a world of his own. His mind was spinning
the world is your oyster tienes el mundo a tus pies
You're young, you've got a lot of opportunity. The world is your oyster if you make the grade, the world is your oyster
it's a small world! ¡el mundo es un pañuelo!
to feel on top of the world sentirse de maravilla
before the accident happened I had been on top of the world
2 (realm) mundo (m)
the world of dreams el mundo de los sueños
the animal world el reino animal
the Arab world el mundo árabe
a natural bridge between the Arab world and European countries
the business world el mundo de los negocios
his name was well known in the business world
the English-speaking world el mundo de habla inglesa
the plant world el reino vegetal
the world of sport el mundo deportivo; el mundo de los deportes
the sporting world el mundo deportivo; el mundo de los deportes
this is one of the biggest events in the sporting world
the Western world el mundo occidental
the Sumerian people also gave the Western world the concept of kingship and divine right
3 (society) mundo (m)
her blouse was undone for all the world to see tenía la blusa desabrochada a la vista de todo el mundo
data that is available for all the world to see with his bum in the air for all the world to see
to be alone in the world estar solo en el mundo; no tener a nadie en el mundo
now that his parents have died, he's all alone in the world
to come down in the world venir a menos
a well-born lady who had come down in the world and was now as poor as a church mouse
to go up in the world prosperar; medrar
when they started to go up in the world they moved to a flat somewhere posh you've gone up in the world haven't you? - the last time I saw you you didn't have a penny to your name
the world and his wife el ciento y la madre (informal); todo Dios (informal)
the world and his wife were there
4 (life) mundo (m)
in this world en esta vida; en este mundo
if you follow these rituals, good fortune will follow you, both in this world and the next your goodness will be rewarded, if not in this world, then certainly in the next
to bring a child into the world traer a un niño al mundo
to come into the world venir al mundo
we leave this world as we came into it - with nothing the first cry of the baby that had just come into the world
in the next world en la otra vida; en el otro mundo
there will be no disability in the next world
the other world el otro mundo
a place where our own world and the Other World meet world [without] end
to have the best of both worlds tenerlo todo
he's not long for this world no le queda mucha vida; le queda poco de vida
5 (in emphatic expressions)
for all the world as if it had never happened como si nunca hubiera ocurrido
she looked for all the world as if she were dead cualquiera hubiera dicho que estaba muerta
they're worlds apart son totalmente opuestos or diferentes; no tiene nada que ver el uno con el otro
they're worlds apart politically políticamente los separa un abismo; mantienen posiciones políticas totalmente diferentes; their views are worlds apart sus opiniones son totalmente distintas
there's a world of difference between ... hay un mundo or abismo entre ...
there is a world of difference between perfecting a one-off act and coming up with material for six half-hour shows there's a world of difference between him and his sister
I'd give the world to know daría todo el oro del mundo por saberlo
it did him the world of good le sentó de maravilla; le hizo la mar de bien (informal)
nothing in the world would make me do it no lo haría por nada del mundo
what/where/why/how [in] the world ...?
how in the world did you manage to do it? ¿cómo demonios or diablos conseguiste hacerlo?; what in the world were you thinking of! ¡qué demonios or diablos estabas pensando! (informal); where in the world has he got to? ¿dónde demonios or diablos se ha metido? (informal); why in the world did you do that? ¿por qué demonios or diablos hiciste eso? (informal)
she means the world to me ella significa muchísimo para mí
not for all the world por nada del mundo
he promised me the world me prometió la luna
They promise you the world and give you nothing
to think the world of sb tener a algn en gran estima
what do you mean "he hates me"? - he thinks the world of you he is an involved and caring father, and Sam thinks the world of him she is a good worker, Mary and John think the world of her I've been going out with Terry for three years and I think the world of him
[+economy, proportions] mundial; [+events, news] internacional; [+trade] internacional; mundial; [+tour] mundial; alrededor del mundo
World Bank (n) Banco (m) Mundial
world beater (n) campeónonacampeona (m) (f) mundial;ona campeona
world champion (n) campeónonacampeona (m) (f) del mundo;ona campeona campeónonacampeona (m) (f) mundial;ona campeona
world championship (n) campeonato (m) mundial; campeonato (m) del mundo
the World Council of Churches (n) el Concilio Mundial de las Iglesias
the World Court (n) el Tribunal Internacional de Justicia
the World Cup (n) (Ftbl) la Copa Mundial; la Copa del Mundo
world fair (n) feria (f) universal
the Expo '92 world fair in Seville the Olympics and the World Fair will bring the visitors flocking
the World Health Organization (n) la Organización Mundial de la Salud
World Heritage Site World Heritage Sites the old city has been designated a World Heritage Site by Unesco
world language (n) lengua (f) universal
experts in the field are sceptical that German is ever likely to challenge English as the world language there have been many attempts at creating a world language
world leader (n) [of country, company] líder (m) mundial
scientific developments to keep the US the world leader in technology the company's ambition to become the world leader in writing instruments Mr Bush will be meeting with a number of world leaders
(politician) jefeajefa (m) (f) de estado;a jefa
world market (n) mercado (m) mundial
Japan, which now dominates the world market in solar power cells their inability to enter the world market
world market price (n) precio (m) (del mercado) mundial
we intend to bring our prices closer to world market prices música $ universal they were one of the first groups to work with the fusion of world music - that is to say, non-American music and non-European music
world order (n) orden (m) mundial
to build a new world order the existing world order such doggedness by Britain flies in the face of the new world order of peace that Presidents Bush and Yeltsin are striving to achieve
world power (n) (country) potencia (f) mundial
like Japan, China has emerged as a world power we haven't been a real world power since the end of the war
world premiere (n) estreno (m) mundial
the work was given its world premiere by the London Sinfonietta Robert Schenkin's "Kentucky Cycle" has its world premiere this weekend they'd come for the world premiere of a new opera called The Sands of Time
world record (n) récord (m) mundial
The world record for the 100 metres currently stands at ... Lewis could break world records in the 100 and 200 metres
World Series (n) (US) campeonato (m) mundial de béisbol
note See culture box in entry baseball.
world title (n) título (m) mundial
world view (n) cosmovisión (f)
in this world view, women are forever the victims the spiritual/materialist world view
world war (n) guerra (f) mundial
World War One/Two la Primera/Segunda Guerra Mundial
the World Wide Web (n) el World Wide Web
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