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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (unpleasant)
a. terrible
The Great Depression was a terrible time to be out of work.La Gran Depresión fue un periodo terrible para estar sin trabajo.
2. (very bad)
a. terrible
That book is terrible, don't waste your time reading it!Ese libro es terrible. ¡No pierdas tu tiempo leyéndolo!
b. horrible
I'm terrible at dancing. I always look so awkward.Soy horrible bailando. Siempre me veo tan torpe.
c. espantoso
The trip was terrible; the car broke down twice.El viaje fue espantoso, el coche se averió dos veces.
3. (as an intensifier)
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
Poor you! What a terrible pain to have to go all that way!¡Pobre! ¡Qué pena tan grande tener que ir tan lejos!
Where have you been? You gave us such a terrible fright!¿Dónde has estado? ¡Nos has dado un buen susto!
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (shocking)
a. horrible, terrible
2. (of poor quality)
a. horroroso(a)
I'm terrible at Frenchse me da muy mal or
terrible [ˈterəbl]
1 (very unpleasant) [+experience, accident, disease] terrible; espantoso
He collapsed to the ground and died in front of us. I cannot forget that terrible [experience] Prison life, he told me, was terrible When they told me my child was dead, it was terrible ...the terrible [pain] of angina Tens of thousands more suffered terrible [injuries] in the world's worst industrial disaster He appeared happy and relieved, as if a terrible tragedy had been narrowly averted it was a terrible accident There was a terrible [drought] in 1989 ...the terrible [frost] of April 1991 AIDS is a terrible [disease] I've got a terrible headache The [pain] was terrible
it was a terrible thing to have happened era terrible que hubiese sucedido algo así
/Everybody sees the terrible things which are happening in the world,/ but rather than saying "Oh, what can I do about it" they should make a stand I have known her for 11 years. /She was a lovely person. It's a terrible thing/
it was a terrible thing to see era horrible verlo; the terrible thing is that I've lost it lo peor de todo es que lo he perdido
it can have the most terrible consequences Joyriding is not simply a crime of theft but one which can have the most terrible [consequences]
2 (very bad) [+weather, food] horrible; espantoso
The house was in a terrible [condition] The [food] was terrible
her French is terrible habla fatal el francés; habla un francés espantoso; "what was it like?" — "terrible!" —¿qué tal fue? —¡espantoso!
I'm terrible at cooking se me da fatal la cocina (informal)
I'm terrible at remembering names se me da fatal recordar (los) nombres; soy malísimo para recordar (los) nombres
I've got a terrible cold tengo un resfriado espantoso
I've had a terrible day at the office he tenido un día malísimo or horrible en la oficina
to feel terrible (guilty, ill) sentirse fatal or muy mal
I feel terrible, I should never have told him I feel terrible. It was all my fault I still feel terrible about the idea of getting him admitted to a geriatric ward If you drink a glass you're fine. But if you drank three bottles then you'd feel terrible At the end of the game he was feeling terrible, with headaches and sickness
to look terrible (ill) tener muy mal aspecto
Are you all right? You look terrible.
she looked terrible in that trouser suit ese traje pantalón le quedaba fatal
I've got a terrible memory tengo una memoria malísima
I've made a terrible mistake he cometido un terrible error
you sound terrible, is something wrong? ¡vaya tono!, ¿pasa algo?
we had a terrible time lo pasamos fatal
I have had a terrible [time], I have been crying for months The Seventies was a terrible [time] for music
3 (as intensifier) (great) [+pity, shame] verdadero
It will be a terrible [pity] if this should happen it was a terrible shame
I've been a terrible fool he sido un verdadero imbécil
the garden is in a terrible mess el jardín está hecho un verdadero desastre
it was or it came as a terrible shock fue un golpe terrible
he's having terrible trouble with his homework le está costando horrores or un montón hacer los deberes (informal)
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