1. (lacking flavor) 
a. insípido 
The coffee was weak and pretty tasteless.El café estaba aguado y bastante insípido.
b. soso 
A customer complained that his steak was overcooked and tasteless.Un cliente se quejó de que su bistec estaba soso y cocido de más.
c. desabrido 
The chicken was somewhat tasteless, but I never complain about a free meal.El pollo estaba algo desabrido, pero nunca me quejo de una comida gratis.
2. (tacky) 
Everyone tittered awkwardly at the governor's tasteless joke.Todos se rieron incómodos de la broma de mal gusto del gobernador.
1. (food) 
a. insípido(a) 
2. (remark, clothes) 
a. de mal gusto 
tasteless [ˈteɪstlɪs]
1 (without flavour) (by nature) [+substance] insípido
sodium is tasteless el sodio es insípido or no tiene sabor
(through cooking) [+food, meal] soso; insípido
the fish was tasteless el pescado estaba soso or no sabía a nada
The bacon is tasteless and watery
2 (vulgar) [+ornament, decor] de mal gusto; ordinario
the room was full of tasteless [ornaments] Musical birthday cards are about as tasteless as you can get I wouldn't call it art. It's just stupid and tasteless
3 (offensive) [+remark, joke] de mal gusto
No-one even smiled at his tasteless [jokes] Apart from a few tasteless [remarks], he was reasonably well-behaved. Most people would regard publication of the pictures as tasteless It strikes me as a tasteless marketing ploy rather than a genuine wish to educate
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