1. (structure) 
He totally reformed the education system.Introdujo reformas radicales en el sistema educativo.
2. (set of rules) 
Our library uses the Dewey Decimal System.Nuestra biblioteca utiliza el sistema decimal Dewey.
3. (orderliness) 
There is no system in their approach.Les falta método en su enfoque.
It may seem disorganized, but there is some system involved.Puede parecer desorganizado, pero hay un sistema.
4. (computing) 
My system needs upgrading.Necesito actualizar mi sistema.
5. (anatomy) 
a. el organismo (M) (body) 
Drinking water regularly is good for your system.Tomar agua con regularidad es bueno para el organismo.
b. el cuerpo (M) (body) 
I started a special diet to detoxify my system.Empecé una dieta especial para eliminar la toxicidad de mi cuerpo.
c. el aparato (M) (set of organs) 
Traffic pollution affects the respiratory system.La contaminación del tráfico afecta el aparato respiratorio.
d. el sistema (M) (set of organs) 
The function of the lymphatic system is to cleanse the body's waste products.La función del sistema linfático es la depuración de los productos de desecho.
6. (technical or mechanical) 
NATO plans to build a new missile defense system.La OTAN planea construir un nuevo sistema de defensa contra los misiles.
7. (status quo) 
You'll never change the system by complaining.No basta con quejarte para cambiar el sistema.
8. (astronomy) 
A new star system was discovered.Se descubrió un nuevo sistema estelar.
1. (structure, method) 
a. el sistema (M) 
the Systemel sistema
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
it was a shock to the systemfue todo un trauma
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to get something/somebody out of one's systemquitarse or
4. (computers) 
a. no direct translation 
systems analysisanálisis de sistemas
systems analystanalista de sistemas
system diskdisco de sistema
system errorerror del sistema
system [ˈsɪstəm]
1 (method) sistema (m)
the present system of funding for higher education is unsatisfactory he has a perfect system at roulette
new teaching systems nuevos sistemas or métodos de enseñanza
a system for measuring the quality of customer service
2 (Pol) (Sociol) (organization) sistema (m)
a political/economic/social system un sistema político/económico/social
the English legal system
3 (Mat) (Sci) (principles) sistema (m)
binary/decimal/metric system sistema (m) binario/decimal/métrico
4 (Electricity and Electronics) (Comput) (Mec) sistema (m)
viruses tend to be good at surviving when a computer system crashes
the system's down again el sistema no funciona otra vez
5 (network) sistema (m); red (f)
transport system sistema (m) or red (f) de transportes
a local cable system Australia's road and rail system
6 (order) método (m)
he lacks system carece de método
there was no system to it there's got to be some sort of system around here or we won't be able to function properly
7 (Med) (organism) organismo (m); cuerpo (m)
the strenuous exercise made great demands on her system
the nervous/immune system el sistema nervioso/inmunitario; the digestive system el aparato digestivo; it was quite a shock to the system fue un buen golpe para el organismo
to get sth out of one's system quitarse algo de encima
the system (the establishment) el sistema
you can't go against the system - it's too powerful the strength of Communism depends on people's faith in the system those who had opted \to work "within the system"\
to beat the system burlar el sistema
down with the system! it was the only way he was going to beat the system
9 (classification) sistema (m)
a chronological system un sistema cronológico
10 (Astron) sistema (m)
solar system sistema (m) solar
system disk (n) disco (m) del sistema
systems analysis (n) análisis (m) de sistemas
systems analyst (n) (Comput) analista (m) de sistemas
systems engineer (n) (Comput) ingenieroaingeniera (m) (f) de sistemas;a ingeniera
systems engineering (n) ingeniería (f) de sistemas
systems programmer (n) programadoraprogramadora (m) (f) de sistemas;a programadora
systems software (n) software (m) del sistema
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