1. (act of surviving) 
The polar bear's survival is threatened.La supervivencia del oso polar se ve amenazada.
b. la sobrevivencia (F) (Latin America) 
Rodney took a course in desert survival.Rodney hizo un curso de sobrevivencia en el desierto.
2. (future existence) 
I believe that the survival of our industry depends on our ability to adapt.Creo que la supervivencia de nuestra industria depende de nuestra capacidad para adaptarnos.
b. la sobrevivencia (F) (Latin America) 
What can we do to ensure the survival of our language?¿Qué podemos hacer para asegurar la sobrevivencia de nuestra lengua?
3. (relic) 
The Parthenon is a survival from an earlier century.El Partenón es un vestigio de un siglo anterior.
This custom is a survival of Spanish colonialism.Esta costumbre es una reliquia del colonialismo español.
1. (continued existence) 
a. la supervivencia (F) 
2. (also fig) 
a. no direct translation 
the survival of the fittestla supervivencia del más apto
survival kitequipo de supervivencia
3. (relic) 
a. el vestigio (M) 
survival [səˈvaɪvəl]
1 (act) supervivencia (f)
what are their chances of survival? companies struggling for survival in the recession if cancers are spotted early, there is a high chance of survival
the survival of the fittest la ley del más fuerte
2 (relic) vestigio (m); reliquia (f)
this practice is a survival from Victorian times esta costumbre es un vestigio or una reliquia de la época victoriana
the tool was a survival from the pre-machine age
survival bag (n) saco (m) de supervivencia
survival course (n) curso (m) de supervivencia
survival kit (n) equipo (m) de emergencia
survival rate (n) tasa (f) de supervivencia
the survival rate following cancer surgery
survival skills (n) técnicas (f) de supervivencia
They split into three groups for their hikes through the mountains # Willis said survival skills she and the other students had practised came in handy learn how to change a tire. It's easy and it's one of the survival skills that any woman alone should have
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survival of the fittest
supervivencia del más apto
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