transitive verb
1. (to place or be all around) 
a. rodear 
Suddenly, the thieves were surrounded by 20 policemen.De repente, los ladrones estaban rodeados por 20 policías.
2. (military) 
a. rodear 
The soldiers surrounded the enemy camp.Los soldados rodearon el campamento enemigo.
b. cercar 
The rebel troops were surrounding the city.Las tropas rebeldes cercaban la ciudad.
3. (to be closely related to) 
a. rodear 
Many rumors and legends surrounded his mysterious disappearance.Muchos rumores y leyendas rodeaban su misteriosa desaparición.
4. (edge) 
a. el marco (M) 
The photos were edited with a surround of hearts.Las fotos estaban editadas con un marco de corazones.
b. el borde (M) 
The surrounds of the paper were bitten by the cat.Los bordes del papel llevaban mordiscos del gato.
1. (general) 
a. el marco (M) 
transitive verb
2. (general) 
a. rodear 
surrounded by…rodeado(a) de or por…
surround [səˈraʊnd]
transitive verb
1 (encircle) rodear
a town surrounded by hills una ciudad rodeada de montes; the house was surrounded by a high wall la casa estaba rodeada por un muro muy alto; she was surrounded by children estaba rodeada de niños; the uncertainty surrounding the future of the project la incertidumbre que envuelve or rodea al proyecto
muscles surround blood vessels in the body the whole cake is surrounded by a thick coat of jelly let me explain some of the dangers which surround us I dislike the people who surround her he had made it his business to surround himself with a hand-picked group of bright young officers \some people surround themselves with beautiful things\ as an antidote to the ugly world we live in I love being surrounded by familiar possessions
2 (Mil) (Pol) [+troops, police] [+enemy, town, building] rodear; cercar
you are surrounded! ¡estáis rodeados!
the village was surrounded by troops shooting broke out after \the guards surrounded a villa in the city\
(border) marco (m); borde (m); [of fireplace] marco (m)
a large gas coal fire with a black marble surround
the bath/swimming pool had a tiled surround el baño/la piscina tenía un borde alicatado
surround sound (n) sonido (m) (de efecto) surround
Phrases with "surrounded"
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surrounded by
rodeado de
surrounded by water
rodeado de agua
be surrounded
estar rodeado
be surrounded by
estar rodeado por
it is surrounded by
está rodeado de
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