1. (hypothetical) 
a. supuesto 
I discovered that the supposed insurance salesman was actually a swindler.Descubrí que el supuesto agente de seguros era en realidad un estafador.
1. (meant) 
a. no direct translation 
to be supposed to do somethingtener que hacer algo
you were supposed to wash the dishestenías que fregar los platos
you're not supposed to smoke in hereaquí dentro no se puede fumar
there's supposed to be a meeting todayse supone que hoy hay reunión
2. (reputed) 
a. no direct translation 
the film's supposed to be very goodse supone que es una película muy buena
supposed [səˈpəʊzd]
[+ally, benefit, threat] supuesto
Phrases with "supposed"
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be supposed to
suponerse que
I was supposed to
se suponía que
it is supposed to be
se supone que sea
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