1. (evening meal) 
a. la cena (F) 
Frida and Pablo went out dancing after supper.Frida y Pablo salieron a bailar después de la cena.
b. la comida (F) (Latin America) 
Cristina invited her friends over to her house for supper on Friday night.Cristina invitó a sus amigos a una comida en su casa la noche del viernes.
Patty's typical supper is a bowl of cereal.El refrigerio típico de Patty es un bol de cereal.
1. (evening meal) 
a. la cena (F) 
2. (snack before going to bed) 
a. refrigerio que se toma antes de ir a la cama 
to have suppercenar
we had fish for suppercenamos pescado
supper [ˈsʌpəʳ]
(evening meal) cena (f)
what's for supper tonight? ¿qué hay de cena hoy?; to stay to supper quedarse a cenar; to have supper cenar; the Last Supper (Rel) La Ultima Cena
to sing for one's supper trabajárselo
They would have to `sing for their supper' during the exhausting official round of duties
Phrases with "supper"
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I ate supper
one tablet after lunch and supper
una pastilla después del almuerzo y de la cena
have supper
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