supo que
1. (he or she had knowledge of; third person singular) 
a. he knew that (masculine) 
En cuanto abrió la puerta, supo que alguien había estado en la casa en su ausencia.As soon as he opened the door, he knew that someone had been in the house in his absence.
b. she knew that (feminine) 
Cuando su esposo le dijo que no iba a cenar porque no tenía hambre, supo que algo iba mal.When her husband told her that he wouldn't have dinner because he wasn't hungry, she knew that something was wrong.
c. knew that 
María supo que Miguel estaba enamorado de ella por la forma en que la miraba.Maria knew that Miguel was in love with her because of the way he looked at her.
2. (formal) (you had knowledge of; second person singular) 
Si supo enseguida que los dos hombres estaban intentando robarle, ¿por qué no se fue de allí?If you knew right away that the two men were trying to rob you, why didn't you leave?
3. (he or she learned of; third person singular) 
a. he found out that (masculine) 
Mi hermano se enfadó mucho cuando supo que yo había estado poniéndome su camisa nueva.My brother got really mad when he found out that I'd been wearing his new shirt.
b. she found out that (feminine) 
En cuanto supo que estaba embarazada, se lo comunicó a toda su familia.As soon as she found out that she was pregnant, she told her entire family.
Cuando la madre supo que su hijo había reprobado cinco asignaturas, lo castigó sin salir.When the mother found out that her son had failed five subjects, she grounded him.
4. (formal) (you learned of; second person singular) 
Todavía no me ha dicho cómo supo que él era el asesino.You haven't told me yet how you found out that he was the murderer.
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