subir al tren
Usage note
The pronominal verb "subirse" may be used in this phrase without its meaning changing.
subir al tren
intransitive verb phrase
1. (transport) 
Despidámonos ya. Tienes que subir al tren, que está a punto de salir.Let's say goodbye now. You have to get on the train because it's about to leave.
Me torcí un tobillo corriendo para subirme al tren.I sprained an ankle when running to catch the train.
2. (figurative) (to seize the opportunity) 
Muchos políticos del régimen dictatorial se subieron al tren de la democracia.Many politicians from the dictatorship jumped on the democratic bandwagon.
b. no direct translation 
Nuestro país debe subir al tren de la innovación tecnológica si no quiere quedarse atrás.If we don't want to lag behind, our country must take the road of technological innovation.
No podemos dejar de subirnos a este tren. Las cosas cambian y los negocios tienen que adaptarse.We must change along with the times. Things change and businesses have to adapt.
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