Listen to an audio pronunciation
Listen to an audio pronunciation
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
1. (firmly)
a. totalmente
I strongly disagree that that word is acceptable in Scrabble.Estoy totalmente en desacuerdo de que esa palabra sea aceptable en Palabras Cruzadas.
b. firmemente
I strongly believe that if he is elected president, riots will soon follow.Creo firmemente que si se elije él como presidente, pronto seguirán los disturbios.
c. profundamente
The feeling in the town has been strongly antigovernment since the water was found to be contaminated.El clima en el pueblo ha sido profundamente antigubernamental desde que se descubrió que el agua está contaminada.
d. encarecidamente
We strongly recommend that all students get a flu shot.Recomendamos encarecidamente que todos los alumnos se vacunen contra la gripe.
2. (sturdily)
a. fuerte
Cody is a strongly built young man.Cody es un joven de complexión fuerte.
b. robusto
My golden retriever is a big, strongly built dog.Mi cobrador dorado es un perro grande de constitución robusta.
c. sólidamente
Scarlett has a strongly constructed oak desk.Scarlett tiene un escritorio de roble sólidamente construido.
3. (intensely)
a. fuerte
Abril is strongly attracted to tall men.Abril tiene una fuerte atracción por los hombres altos.
b. mucho
The hot spring smelled strongly of sulfur.Las aguas termales olían mucho a azufre.
c. enérgicamente
The organization strongly protests the construction of the nuclear power plant.La organización protesta enérgicamente la construcción de la planta de energía nuclear.
d. rotundamente
The mayor strongly denied that he had covered up evidence from the shooting.El alcalde negó rotundamente que él hubiera encubierto las pruebas del tiroteo.
e. fuertemente
The company reacted very strongly to what they perceived as encroachment.La empresa reaccionó muy fuertemente a lo que percibió como una usurpación.
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
I can see that you feel strongly about reducing greenhouse gas emissions.Puedo ver que reducir las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero te parece que es importante.
I feel very strongly about contributing to autism research.Me parece sumamente importante contribuir a las investigaciones del autismo.
4. (to a large extent)
a. prominente
Roses are strongly featured in the castle garden.Las rosas ocupan un lugar prominente en el jardín del castillo.
b. considerablemente
Holding on to feelings like anger, hatred, or rage strongly affects health.Acumular sentimientos como el rencor, el odio o la rabia afectan considerablemente la salud.
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An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
1. (oppose, endorse)
a. rotundamente, fuertemente
2. (believe)
a. firmemente
strongly builtsólidamente construido(a)
a strongly worded letteruna carta escrita en un tono fuerte
he feels very strongly about it(es un tema que) le preocupa mucho
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strongly [ˈstrɒŋlɪ]
1 (sturdily)
strongly built [+person] de constitución fuerte or robusta; strongly constructed or made or built [+furniture, structure] de construcción sólida
a big, strongly-built man only the more strongly [constructed] buildings remained standing these chairs are strongly [constructed] the fence was very strongly [built] his well-maintained fields and strongly [built] farmhouse. Brown wasn't strongly [built], and broke his neck on impact. His strongly [built], muscular frame towered over her
2 (firmly) [+recommend, advise] encarecidamente; [+believe, suspect] firmemente
We strongly [recommend] the publications listed below we strongly [recommend] that you buy your tickets well in advance Patients are strongly [advised] not to smoke before surgery. The Foreign Office has strongly [advised] all British citizens to leave immediately. ...we strongly [suggest] that you stock up now in time for Christmas. I cannot too strongly [urge] you to do everything you can to discourage him. this is unaccepatable, and we strongly [urge] them to think again.
I would strongly urge you to reconsider le ruego encarecidamente que recapacite; I feel very strongly that ... creo firmemente que ...
...those of us who [believe] strongly in local democracy They [believe] strongly that they should have this freedom of choice I [feel] strongly that the Government should do more to help working mothers.
I strongly disagree with the decision estoy totalmente en desacuerdo con la decisión
strongly [held] views opinions
he is a man with strongly held views es un hombre de convicciones firmes
I had very strongly held beliefs at university... These are not really facts at all, but strongly held opinions.
strongly recommended [+book, film] muy recomendado extraordinary and provocative novel. Strongly recommended.
3 (vehemently) (with verb) [+criticize] duramente; [+oppose, support, protest, react] enérgicamente; [+deny] tajantemente; rotundamente
Mr Ridley has been strongly [criticised] by an all-party committee of MPs Greenpeace has strongly [criticised] the government for refusing to back the plan. The Bundesbank remains strongly [opposed] to anycut in interest rates. The Democrats have strongly [opposed] the decision The bill has been strongly [opposed] by consumer groups... The invasion has been strongly [condemned] by the United States. Mr Vronner strongly [condemned] the police action... He said he strongly [supported] the NATO plan... The project has been strongly [supported] by conservation groups. The United States has strongly [attacked] the Romanian government's use of force The Iraqis have strongly [attacked] Israel over the killings... Los iraquíes han atacado enérgicamente a Israel por las matanzas Beijing [protested] strongly when the President announced the six billion dollar arms sale to Taiwan... The French government has [protested] strongly to the Romanian authorities over the incident. to [react] strongly to sth The Sri Lankan government has reacted strongly to criticism of its human rights record... ...a suggestion which has been strongly [denied] by the authorities. ...he strongly [denied] that he had any connection with the CIA.
[+defend, argue] firmemente
a strongly worded letter una carta subida de tono
In a strongly-worded statement issued yesterday the Council condemned his appointment... Isleworth has written a strongly worded letter to the Foreign Secretary expressing his concern. The President has strongly [defended] his country's role... ...Mr Gummer has strongly [defended] the government's action. The Defence Secretary has [argued] strongly in favour of military action. ...James Baker [argued] strongly for a redefining of NATO's role. Russell [argued] strongly that the case against Mitchell should be pursued. ...a strongly worded [attack] on the African National Congress. ...the United Nations has [hinted] strongly at sanctions if the deportees are not allowed home. Mr Baker [hinted] strongly that further threats from Baghdad would provoke a firm response. to [feel] strongly [about] sth
(with adj, prep)
the mood here is still very strongly anti-British el clima aquí continúa siendo profundamente antibritánico
...the strongly nationalist Serbian Renewal Movement. ...the strongly pro-Iraqi line taken by most of the country's newspapers.
to be strongly against or opposed to sth estar totalmente en contra de algo; oponerse enérgicamente a algo
China is strongly opposed to the scheme... Opposition parties in Japan have come out strongly against the proposal. Representatives from Mexico, Brazil and Uruguay were strongly against the idea
to be strongly critical of sth/sb criticar duramente algo/a algn
The report is strongly critical of the government... The Commission is strongly critical of the new tax...
to be strongly in favour of sth estar totalmente a favor de algo
....public opinion was very strongly in favour of helping Lithuania. ...he has declared himself strongly in favour of independence. ...they come down strongly in favour of some form of legislation
4 (powerfully) [+indicate] claramente
..the evidence strongly [suggests] that the economy is improving. ...they were both strongly [attracted] by the 400 year-old chateau
she was strongly attracted to him sentía una fuerte atracción hacia él; se sentía fuertemente atraída hacia él
if you feel strongly about this issue ... si este tema te parece que es importante ...
I [feel] very strongly about the position of women in society the factors that most strongly [influenced] his development as a child
his early works were strongly influenced by jazz sus primeras obras estaban muy influenciadas por el jazz
The document is strongly [influenced] by the US Constitution... El documento está muy influenciado por la constitución estadounidense...
he reminds me strongly of his uncle me recuerda mucho a su tío
to smell/taste strongly of sth tener un fuerte olor/sabor a algo; oler/saber mucho a algo
The kitchen smelled strongly of fish. His breath smelled strongly of alcohol. The sauce is pale green in colour and tastes strongly of avocado. he smelled strongly of beer
I'm strongly tempted to accompany you me siento muy tentado a acompañarte
she is strongly tipped to become party leader es una de las favoritas para convertirse en líder del partido
he is strongly tipped to win an Oscar for best actor
5 (prominently)
to feature or figure strongly in sth ocupar un lugar destacado or prominente en algo
two stories feature strongly in today's papers hay dos noticias que ocupan un lugar destacado or prominente en los periódicos de hoy; fish features strongly in the Japanese diet el pescado ocupa un lugar destacado or prominente en la dieta japonesa
social policy will figure strongly in the negotiations This season's colours are dark: browns, blacks and greys [feature] strongly. vegetables [feature] strongly on the menu their accents sounded strongly northern
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