An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (odd)
a. extraño
This building has a very strange shape.Este edificio tiene una forma muy extraña.
b. raro
There are a bunch of strange people in this town.Hay un montón de gente rara en este pueblo.
2. (unfamiliar)
a. extraño
Don't talk to any strange people.No hables con gente extraña.
3. (foreign)
a. extranjero
I received a letter in a strange language.Recibí una carta en un idioma extranjero.
b. desconocido
He is a stranger in a strange land.Él es un extranjero en un país desconocido.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (odd; person, behavior)
a. raro(a), extraño(a)
it felt strange to be back in Scotlandse hacía raro estar de nuevo en Escocia
2. (unfamiliar; person, place)
a. desconocido(a), extraño(a)
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strange [streɪndʒ]
stranger (comparative)strangest (superlative)
1 (odd) [+person, event, behaviour, feeling] extraño; raro; [+experience, place, noise] extraño; [+coincidence, story] extraño; curioso
it is strange that ... es extraño or raro que; it's strange that he should come today of all days es extraño or raro que venga precisamente hoy
there's something strange about him hay algo extraño or raro en él
what's so strange about that? ¿qué tiene eso de extraño or raro?
to [feel] strange
I felt rather strange at first al principio me sentía bastante raro
I find her attitude rather strange encuentro su actitud un tanto extraña or rara
I find it strange that we never heard anything about this me parece raro or me extraña que nunca hayamos oído hablar de esto
how strange! ¡qué raro!; ¡qué extraño!
for some strange reason por alguna razón inexplicable
strange as it may seemstrange to say por extraño que parezca; aunque parezca mentira
the strange thing is that he didn't even know us lo extraño or lo curioso es que ni nos conocía
children come out with the strangest things a los niños se les ocurren las cosas más extrañas
can I sit down? I feel a bit strange With all the advantages of cycling, it seems strange that more people don't do it
the family would think it strange if we didn't go la familia se extrañaría si no fuésemos
did you never think it strange that we didn't discuss this? Strange to say, I quite enjoyed myself strange to say I have never met her Strange as it may seem in times of recession, the travel industry is doing better than ever For some strange reason I couldn't get him out of my mind Loach, for some strange reason, had dressed up in the dead man's uniform
2 (unknown, unfamiliar) [+person, house, car, country] desconocido; [+language] desconocido; extranjero
I awoke in a strange [bed] me desperté en una cama desconocida
I never sleep well in a strange bed nunca duermo bien en una cama que no sea la mía
don't talk to any strange men no hables con ningún desconocido
I was strange to this part of town esta parte de la ciudad me era desconocida
the work is strange [to] him
this man I loved was suddenly strange to me este hombre al que amaba era de pronto un desconocido para mí or un extraño
I don't like strange people coming into my house
Position of "raro"
You should generally put raro after the noun when you mean strange or odd and before the noun when you mean rare:
He has a strange name Tiene un nombre raro
... a rare congenital syndrome ... ... un raro síndrome congénito ...
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