Regionalisms from Spain 
An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (not curved)
a. recto (line, road, skirt)
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.La distancia más corta entre dos puntos es una línea recta.
2. (level)
a. derecho (tie or picture)
Can you tell me if this picture is straight?¿Puedes decirme si está derecho este cuadro?
3. (not curly)
a. liso
The young lady with long straight hair was serving us.Nos atendió una muchacha con pelo largo y liso.
b. lacio
I prefer guys with straight hair.Prefiero a los chicos con pelo lacio.
4. (honest)
a. honesto (person)
Thank you for being straight with me.Gracias por ser honesto conmigo.
b. claro (answer)
I couldn't get a straight answer out of him.No conseguí que me diera una respuesta clara.
5. (consecutive)
a. consecutivo
After five straight wins, they are top of the league.Tras cinco victorias consecutivas, están a la cabeza de la liga.
A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech (e.g., skinny, grandma).
(sexual orientation)
a. heterosexual
I'm gay and he's straight.Yo soy gay y él es heterosexual.
7. (clear)
a. claro
I want things to be straight between us.Quiero que las cosas estén claras entre nosotros.
b. categórico (refusal)
They didn't want to come out with a straight refusal.No querían dar una negativa categórica.
8. (not taking drugs)
a. limpio
He was into drugs but has been straight for a year now.Consumía drogas pero ha estado limpio por un año.
9. (simple)
a. claro (choice)
The electorate has a straight choice between the status quo and a fresh start.Para el electorado la alternativa es clara: el statu quo o un nuevo comienzo.
10. (undiluted)
a. solo
Give me a rum on the rocks and a tequila straight.Me pones un ron con hielo y un tequila solo.
11. (conventional)
a. convencional
I find her really boring. She’s so straight.A mí me parece muy aburrida. Es tan convencional.
12. (theater)
a. dramático
He wants to get away from comedy and play straight roles.Quiere distanciarse de la comedia y hacer papeles dramáticos.
b. serio
His latest play is straight, very different from what he’s written before.Su última obra es seria, y muy diferente de lo que ha escrito hasta ahora.
A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech (e.g., skinny, grandma).
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
Do you want a beer or are you straight?¿Quieres una cerveza o prefieres no tomar nada?
Do you want another cigarette? - No, dude, I'm straight.¿Quieres otro cigarrillo? - No, gracias, mano, ya no más.
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
14. (in order)
a. en orden
Let me put things straight before people start arriving to the party.Déjame poner estas cosas en orden antes de que venga la gente a la fiesta.
b. arreglado
Everything had to be straight before he left the house.Todo tenía que estar arreglado antes de que saliera de la casa.
15. (in a straight line)
a. en línea recta
After leaving the bar he could barely walk straight.Al salir del bar apenas podía caminar en línea recta.
b. derecho
Keep straight until you pass an Italian restaurant, and then turn right.Continúa derecho hasta que pases un restaurante italiano, y luego gira a la derecha.
c. recto
Do you know where the notary's office is? - Yes. Just keep going straight for five minutes, and you're going to see it. It's going to be on your left.¿Sabe dónde queda la notaría? - Sí. Solo siga recto por cinco minutos y la va a ver. Va a estar a su izquierda.
16. (in an erect fashion)
a. derecho
Soldiers, stand up straight when at attention!¡Soldados, pónganse derechos cuando están formados!
17. (directly)
a. directamente
He asked me for feedback and I went straight to the point.Pidió mi opinión y fui directamente al grano.
18. (immediately)
a. inmediatamente
I went home straight after work.Volví a casa inmediatamente después del trabajo.
A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech (e.g., skinny, grandma).
a. con franqueza
Just tell me straight and stop beating around the bush.Déjate de rodeos y dime las cosas con franqueza.
A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech (e.g., skinny, grandma).
a. realmente
I've walked for hours and am straight exhausted.He caminado durante horas y estoy realmente exhausto.
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A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
1. (general)
to keep to the straight and narrowseguir por el buen camino
2. (in sport)
a. la recta
(f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
3. (not curved; line, back)
a. recto(a)
4. (hair)
a. liso(a)
5. (tie, skirt, picture)
a. derecho(a)
to keep a straight facecontener la sonrisa
to put things or matters straightaclarar las cosas
to put somebody straightaclararle las cosas a alguien
6. (consecutive)
a. consecutivo(a)
three straight winstres victorias consecutivas
straight flushescalera f de color
7. (honest; person, answer)
a. franco(a)
to be straight with somebodyser franco(a) con alguien
8. (conventional)
a. convencional
9. (theater)
straight manactor (con papel) serio
10. (colloquial)
a. heterosexual (heterosexual)
11. (undiluted)
a. solo(a)
to drink straight vodkasbeber vodka a palo seco
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
12. (in straight line)
a. recto, en línea recta
sit up straight!¡siéntate derecho!
to look straight aheadmirar hacia adelante
go straight onsigue todo recto or derecho
to see/think straightver/pensar con claridad
13. (fig)
to go straightreformarse
14. (immediately)
a. inmediatamente, en seguida
straight away or offinmediatamente
15. (directly)
a. directamente
to cut straight through somethingatravesar algo
to come or get straight to the pointir directamente al grano
to come straight out with somethingdecir algo sin rodeos
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straight [streɪt]
straighter (comparative)straightest (superlative)
1 (not bent or curved) [+line, road, nose, skirt] recto; [+trousers] de perneras estrechas; de pata estrecha (informal); [+hair] lacio; liso; [+shoulders] erguido; recto
he couldn't even walk in a straight line ni siquiera podía caminar en línea recta; she was keeping the boat on a straight course mantenía el barco navegando en línea recta; to have a straight back tener la espalda erguida or recta
to keep one's back straight
I couldn't keep a straight faceI couldn't keep my face straight no podía mantener la cara seria
she said it with a completely straight face lo dijo con la cara totalmente seria
2 (not askew) [+picture, rug, hat, hem] derecho
the picture isn't straight el cuadro está torcido or chueco; (LAm) your tie isn't straight tienes la corbata torcida; tu corbata no está bien
to put or set straight [+picture, hat, tie, rug] poner derecho
3 (honest, direct) [+answer] franco; directo; [+question] directo; [+refusal, denial] categórico; rotundo
all I want is a straight answer to a straight question lo único que pido es que respondas con franqueza a una pregunta directa
it's time for some straight talking es hora de hablar con franqueza or claramente
to be straight with sb ser franco con algn; hablar a algn con toda franqueza
as straight as a die honrado a carta cabal
Tom was so straight and trustworthy He's very outspoken - very straight, direct, very sincere The country wants a straight answer to a straight question I'll be straight with you You're not being straight with me. What are you up to?
4 (unambiguous) claro
is that straight? ¿está claro?
to get sth straight
let's get that straight right from the start vamos a dejar eso claro desde el principio; there are a couple of things we'd better get straight hay un par de cosas que debemos dejar claras; have you got that straight? ¿lo has entendido?; ¿está claro?; he had to get things straight in his mind tenía que aclararse las ideas; he hasn't got his facts straight no tiene la información correcta
to put or set sth straight aclarar algo
to put or set things or matters straight aclarar las cosas; to put or set the record straight aclarar las cosas; he soon put or set me straight enseguida me aclaró las cosas
There's been a misunderstanding and I'd like to put the record straight... I would like to set the record straight about our position on this issue Let me set the record straight on the misconceptions contained in your article Thanks. I'm glad you put that straight I've got to talk to him. It's time we put things straight at first I thought she was genuinely interested in helping me, but he soon put me straight
5 (tidy, in order) [+house, room] arreglado; ordenado; [+books, affairs, accounts] en orden
I like to keep my house straight me gusta tener la casa arreglada or ordenada; the paperwork still isn't straight los papeles no están todavía en orden
to get or put sth straight arreglar algo
I'll have to get the [house] straight and send the kids off to school are your affairs straight at last?
6 (clear-cut, simple) [+choice, swap] simple
her latest novel is straight autobiography su última novela es una simple autobiografía; we made £50 straight profit on the deal sacamos 50 libras limpias del negocio; a straight cash offer una oferta de dinero en mano
7 (consecutive) [+victories, defeats, games] consecutivo
this is the fifth straight year that she has won este es el quinto año consecutivo en el que ha ganado
She was voted Player of Year for the second straight year it was the sixth straight year that she had wond the tournament
to get straight As sacar sobresaliente en todo
a straight A student
a straight flush (in poker) una escalera real
she lost in straight sets to Pat Hay (in tennis) perdió contra Pat Hay sin ganar ningún set
we had ten straight wins ganamos diez veces seguidas; tuvimos diez victorias consecutivas
8 (neat) [+whisky, vodka] solo
9 (Teat) (not comic) [+part, play, theatre, actor] dramático; serio
She wants to get back to straight theatre He's played a few straight roles recently
10 (conventional) [+person] de cabeza cuadrada (informal)
he's so straight!
she's a nice person, but very straight es maja pero tiene la cabeza demasiado cuadrada (informal)
11 (not owed or owing money)
if I give you a fiver, then we'll be straight si te doy cinco libras, estamos en paz
12 (heterosexual) heterosexual; hetero (informal)
13 (not criminal) [+person]
he's been straight for two years ha llevado una vida honrada durante dos años
14 (not using drugs)
I've been straight for 13 years hace 13 años que dejé las drogas; llevo 13 años desenganchado de las drogas
1 (in a straight line) [+walk, shoot, fly] en línea recta; [+grow] recto
they can't even shoot straight ni siquiera saben disparar en línea recta; he was sitting up very straight estaba sentado muy derecho or erguido
he sat up/stood up straight
stand up straight! ¡ponte derecho or erguido!
he was standing up straight I sat up straight in my chair and smiled at her turn the plant frequently so that it grows straight; otherwise it will grow towards the sun
straight above us directamente encima de nosotros
it's straight across the road from us está justo al otro lado de la calle
to go straight ahead ir todo recto; ir todo derecho
to look straight ahead mirar al frente; mirar hacia adelante
she just looked straight ahead and didn't answer
straight ahead of us justo en frente de nosotros
to look straight at sb mirar derecho hacia algn
he came straight at me vino derecho hacia mí
we looked straight [down] into the water
to hold o.s. straight mantenerse derecho
to look sb straight in the eye mirar directamente a los ojos de algn
to look sb straight in the face mirar a algn directamente a la cara
to go straight on ir todo recto; ir todo derecho
we decided to go straight on without stopping until we reached the camp site go straight on until you get to Northallerton keep straight on for Toledo drive straight on until you get to the lights
the bullet went straight through his chest la bala le atravesó limpiamente el pecho
I saw a car coming straight towards me vi un coche que venía derecho hacia mi
to go straight [up] to fly straight up
to look straight up mirar hacia arriba
the cork shot straight up in the air el corcho salió disparado hacia arriba
everybody looked straight up as the famous Red Arrows flew overhead if you look straight up, you will be able to make out the constellation of Taurus The launch is a triumph: the rocket goes straight up and away..
2 (level)
to hang straight [+picture] estar derecho
the picture isn't hanging straight el cuadro está torcido or chueco; (LAm)
He checked that all the pictures were hanging straight
3 (directly) directamente; (immediately) inmediatamente
youngsters who move straight from school onto the dole queue jóvenes que pasan directamente del colegio a la cola del paro; I went straight home/to bed fui derecho a casa/a la cama; come straight back vuelve directamente aquí; to come straight to the point ir al grano; to drink straight from the bottle beber de la botella
the doctor told me to go straight to bed
straight after this inmediatamente después de esto
straight away inmediatamente; en seguida; al tiro; (Chile)
straight off (without hesitation) sin vacilar
she gave the answer straight off, without a moment's hesitation
(immediately) inmediatamente
I went to bed straight off. I was tired I knew straight off that this child was different he suggested straight off that the motive was robbery
(directly) directamente; sin rodeos
I told them straight off that I wouldn't work on Sundays
she just went straight off se marchó sin detenerse
I heard it straight from the horse's mouth se lo oí decir a él mismo (or a ella misma)
4 (frankly) francamente; con franqueza
just give it to me or tell me straight dímelo francamente or con franqueza
to tell sb sth straight out decir algo a algn sin rodeos or directamente
Just tell him straight out that you're not going to do it.
straight up (Britain) en serio
No, really, straight up, I got fifty quid for it. I got fifty quid for it - straight up?
straight from the shoulder
I let him have it straight from the shoulder se lo dije sin rodeos
5 (neat) [+drink] solo
I prefer to drink whisky straight prefiero tomar el whisky solo
6 (clearly) [+think] con claridad
he was so frightened that he couldn't think straight tenía tanto miedo que no podía pensar con claridad; I was so drunk I couldn't see straight estaba tan borracho que no veía
to go straight (reform) [+criminal] enmendarse; [+drug addict] dejar de tomar drogas; desengancharse
he's been going straight for a year now [+ex-criminal] hace ahora un año que lleva una vida honrada; [+ex-addict] hace un año que dejó las drogas; lleva un año desenganchado de las drogas
8 (Teat)
he played the role straight interpretó el papel de manera clásica
9 (consecutively)
we worked on the harvest for three days straight hicimos la cosecha durante tres días seguidos
1 (straight line)
to cut sth on the straight cortar algo derecho
[out] of (the) straight
the straight and narrow el buen camino
to keep to the straight and narrow ir por buen camino; to keep sb on the straight and narrow mantener a algn por el buen camino; to depart from the straight and narrow apartarse del buen camino
The threat of jail helps to keep them on the straight and narrow. All her efforts to keep him on the straight and narrow have been rewarded.
2 (Britain) (on racecourse)
the straight la recta
as the cars entered the final straight Hill was in the lead cuando los coches entraron en la recta final Hill iba a la cabeza
the horse fell in the final straight
3 (Cards) runfla (f); escalera (f)
4 (heterosexual) heterosexual (m)
straight angle (n) ángulo (m) llano
straight arrow (n) (US) estrechoaestrecha (m) (f) de miras;a estrecha
He was very traditional, a real straight arrow in lots of ways
straight man (n) actor (m) que da pie al cómico
I was the straight man and he was the comic yo era el actor que daba pie a sus chistes y él era el cómico
straight razor (n) (US) navaja (f) de barbero
straight sex (n) (not homosexual) sexo (m) entre heterosexuales; (conventional) relaciones (f) sexuales convencionales; sexo (m) sin florituras (informal)
straight ticket (n) (US) (Pol)
to vote a straight ticket votar a candidatos del mismo partido para todos los cargos
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