son unos
1. (masculine or mixed gender) (used to express identity or nature; third person plural) 
¿Quiénes son aquellos señores de allí? - Son unos ingenieros que van a participar en el proyecto.Who are those men over there? - They're some engineers who are going to take part in the project.
b. are some 
Estos son unos lápices que compré para ti. - ¡Gracias, mamá!These are some pencils I bought for you. - Thanks, Mom!
2. (masculine or mixed gender) (they're very; third person plural) 
Ellos se creen que lo saben todo, pero son unos incultos.They believe they know everything, but they're really ignorant.
Tus primos son unos antipáticos. Ni no nos saludaron.Your cousins are really unfriendly. They didn't even say hello.
3. (masculine or mixed gender) (you're very; second person plural) 
¿Todavía no hicieron ustedes su tarea? Son unos vagos.Haven't you done your homework yet? You're really lazy.
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