1. (jovial) 
a. sonriente 
What's wrong? You look kind of down today. I'm used to you always being so smiley.¿Qué pasa? Te veo algo desanimada hoy. Estoy acostumbrado a que estés siempre tan sonriente.
2. (emoticon) 
a. el smiley (M) 
Everyone in Spain seems to send many smileys in their messages!¡Parece que todos los españoles envían muchos smileys en sus mensajes!
smiley [ˈsmaɪlɪ]
1 [+face, eyes] sonriente; risueño
Mrs. Mitchell had smiley eyes and a knowing look ...their smiley, frank, infectious demeanour
[+person] sonriente; jovial
It's got great rooms and smiley staff Two very smiley babies are waiting for their lunch It's difficult to believe that someone so smiley could sing songs so nightmarish
2 [+badge, symbol, email] smiley
The slogans, peace symbols and smiley badges are still around I spot the acid-house Smiley symbol on his knee-pad E-mail addicts have invented a range of smiley symbols, which function as a kind of emotional shorthand. The smileys are formed from punctuation marks, and read by turning your head to one side
(in email etc) smiley (m)
The basic smiley does not, incidentally, mean "I'm happy". When appended to a sentence it means "I'm kidding"
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smiley face
la carita sonriente
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